The Great´Bubble Barrier´

Did you know more than 8 million pieces of plastic are dumped into the Earth’s ocean everyday? Most of the trash is thought to come from rivers and coastlines.  As of 2021 there are more than 5.25 trillion pieces of trash in the ocean which is equal to about 17 billion pounds. 269,000 tons of the trash floats while 4 billion tons sink below the surface. 70% of the trash goes into our ecosystems and 15% lands on our beaches. In response, Amsterdam created the Great Bubble Barrier. The Great Bubble Barrier is a new and innovative invention that’s used to stop plastic pollution from flowing into the ocean. This is all possible because of an air compressor sending air through a tube that runs across the bottom of the canal creating a stream of bubbles that can trap waste of all sizes to a catchment system. The bubble barrier has been proven to trap 86% of trash that is encountered. According to the city of Amsterdam, the bubble barrier wasinstalled in October of 2019 in under five hours! The bubble barrier can not only catch trash down to 1 millimeter in size but can keep trash of up to 10 millimeters in its possession. 

The effects of pollution on our ecosystems and aquatic life are very severe. The most common pollutants include pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, detergents, oil, industrial chemicals, and sewage. Humans are the biggest contributors to the world’s pollution problem.  Ocean pollution can not only affect aquatic life but human lives too. Pollution along coasts with things like industrial waste and human sewage can increase the production of toxins associated with dementia, amnesia, neurological damage and maybe even rapid death. Some long-term effects can include reproductive system failure, behavioral changes and cancer. Although our ocean isn’t technically dying its not the healthiest either, it is possible thwon’tnt have any fish in our oceans by 2050. Though we can contribute to fixing this pollution problem. Some ways to fixing pollution are reducing the use of single-use plastic, reducing waste, fishing responsibly, and practicing safe boating. If everyone in the world did at least three of these things then our water pollution problem can decrease dramatically. Consider saving our planet.

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