Fashion Trends of 2022

Fashion trends of 2022 have changed drastically through the past century. Everyone has gone through many different types of clothes from poodle skirts and leather jackets in the 1950s to trendy new clothes from 2000-2022. These are the top five of the new 2022 hottest fashion trends. 

Skirts- Skirts have made a comeback since the 1960s-1970s. There are many different types of skirts like mini, wrap, a-line, circle, jean, and ruffled. They were invented because of how easy it is to cover the bottom half of your body. Although skirts are mostly used for business and office work, you can match skirts with a baby-tee shirt, crop top, t-shirt, or even a jacket. Skirts are considered feminine pieces of clothing due to social stereotypes of femininity and masculinity. Nonetheless, men can wear them as well. 

Y2k Fashion- Generation Z, people born between 1997-2012, ( preferably known off of TikTok) created the style of y2K. There are many different types of y2k fashion: low rise jeans, jeans that are flared, cute aesthetic crop-tops, metallic jackets, and pink, red, and green is mostly the color of y2k. Y2k was founded in the late 1990s to early-mid 2000s. It came back into style in 2022 because the fashion was referential and evocative. Thrift stores usually have y2k fashion or refer to them as vintage.

Blazers-  Known as the “classic” of fashion, blazers were in style in early 2000. In 2022, blazers have made a comeback by not only men wearing them but women as well. You can wear them on a night out or as a business look. A blazer is a type of jacket, more resembling a suit jacket for more casual events. They are made of fabric and metal buttons and their shoulders are a little more structured than other jackets. 

Chunky Loafers- A vintage but stylish pair of shoes, chunky loafers, were a fashion trend since the early 1800s. They were usually used in uniforms for schools in movies, but people have made it a trend and used these loafers to create a new look. People have styled them with skirts, shirts with collars, crewnecks, tights, necklaces, lace socks, etc. They come in many different colors like beige, burgundy, brown, different green tones, and the classic color black. They can also be bought platform or non-platformed. You can find them in local or chain thrift stores.

Color Clashing- Color clashing is when you mix two very vibrant colors and add them into your color choices as clothes, for example, green and brown, or red and orange into a mix and wear them wherever. Another name for color clashing is complementary colors. For instance, colors that don’t go well together are purple and yellow, white and silver, green and yellow, brown and gray, and green orange. Colors that do look good together are navy and orange, yellow and gray, blue and pink, blue and purple, red and orange, green and blue, red and blue, and green and yellow. There are so many different colors to add or put on as fashion pieces in your wardrobe.

Most of these trendy pieces can be found online, in thrift stores, or outlets. So many celebrities wear some of these articles of clothing and many people who see their outfits are trying to keep up with their pace, or in other words: keep up with the trends.

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