Fashion Trends of 2022

Fashion trends of 2022 have changed drastically through the past century. Everyone has gone through many different types of clothes from poodle skirts and leather jackets in the 1950s to trendy new clothes from 2000-2022. These are the top five of the new 2022 hottest fashion trends.  Skirts- Skirts have made a comeback since the 1960s-1970s. There are many different types of skirts like mini, … Continue reading Fashion Trends of 2022

The Downside of Fast Fashion

By: Emily Bracher Brands such as Shein and Romwe have recently become very popular due to their low prices for clothing, makeup, and accessories. These are all a part of the fast fashion industry, which is inexpensive clothing produced at rapid rates to keep up with latest trends.  However with these benefits comes a lot of consequences that make it an unethical industry prone to … Continue reading The Downside of Fast Fashion