Key West High School’s Super Successful Students

This year, Key West High School (KWHS) has had a multitude of more than successful students. From honor roll to sports commitment, KWHS students have taken Conch Pride to the next level and left an honorable legacy behind them. To start off, let’s talk about our two Best All Around students: Rosa Nafrere and Robert Malcom.  As one of the highest honors Key West High … Continue reading Key West High School’s Super Successful Students

Dear Teachers

Even though Teacher Appreciation Week has passed, their hard work and dedication in guiding us to success should be appreciated all school year. Every student has a specific teacher or two that has been by their side throughout high school and to whom they owe so much to. Key West High School is full of amazing support staff and in honor of the departing seniors … Continue reading Dear Teachers

The Stigma of Athletes and Mental Health

James Madison University (JMU) has canceled the rest of its softball season after its catcher, Lauren Bennett, sadly took her own life. The sophomore was named Colonial Athletic Association Player of the Week the Monday before and was a major factor in the team’s success last year in the Women’s College World Series. She was only 20. The more saddening news is that since March, … Continue reading The Stigma of Athletes and Mental Health

Student Spotlight: Alexander Wilson

As graduation nears, more and more people are committing to college. The next four years of someone’s life is a huge decision and Alexander Wilson is proud to say that he will be attending the University of Florida.  With an impressive SAT score of 1540, Alexander has the highest score in Key West High School (KWHS)  history. In his four years, he has been extremely … Continue reading Student Spotlight: Alexander Wilson

Student Spotlight: From Key West to Harvard

As college decision day is nearing, very few Key West High School (KWHS) students already know where they are headed. One of the few, Dekyus Dickerson, a senior at KWHS, has officially committed as a part of Harvard University’s, the number one university internationally,  class of 2026. With an acceptance rate of only five percent, this achievement is beyond fantastic and extremely commemorable.  Dekyus moved … Continue reading Student Spotlight: From Key West to Harvard

WHO CARES?: Rex Orange County

Alex O’Connor, better known by his stage name, Rex Orange County, just released his newest album, WHO CARES?, on March 11th. Known for his songs such as Pluto Projector, Bestfriend, and Sunflower, the artist has been releasing music since 2015. In his career, he has reached the Top Ten of Billboard Independent Albums chart with his 2017 album Apricot Princess and was featured in Tyler … Continue reading WHO CARES?: Rex Orange County

Key West High School’s Comfort Movies

Everyone has that one movie they end up going back to over and over again. It holds a special place in their hearts, a place that consoles them whenever they need something to entertain themselves. For a lot of people, childhood classics are often their go-to comfort movie, and for others, action and comedy movies are where it’s at. Here are some of Key West … Continue reading Key West High School’s Comfort Movies