Big Cheezees Review

Big Cheezees Chillin Grill has been a big hit in Key West since it opened a few weeks ago. The new restaurant resides where Mattheessons’s Ice cream used to be on White Street. Parking is a bit difficult but completely worth the walk. 

Open Monday through Sunday, Big Cheezees has an array of food options available beyond pizza. With items such as wings, subs, and even poutine, it’s hard to leave without being satisfied. Not only that, but they have a huge assortment of ice creams to choose from. Portions are big, so come prepared to take home leftovers. 

In my personal experience with the restaurant, the only thing I would criticize is the difficult parking I mentioned earlier. With that out of mind, everything else is perfect. The food came out faster than any other restaurant I have been at, and despite the small number of servers, they are quick with assistance. I ordered the poutine and it came out on a giant tray. Even though I was starving, I couldn’t even finish the amount of food I was given, which was perfect to bring home. What makes this even better is that these larger-than-life portions are easy on a budget and not terribly expensive. Their ice cream is also a must-have, such as their Red Velvet Cake and Salted Caramel flavors. 

As of now, their hours are limited, but they’re usually open around 3 pm – 9 pm. They have plans to open up for lunch in the future and serve bagels for breakfast. If you are interested in trying out Big Cheezees, visit them at 1110 White Street, Key West, FL. 

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