Washington Commanders Quarterback Situation

With the trade of Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos the Commanders’ options are dwindling quickly. The Green Bay Packers just re-signed their quarterback Aaron Rodgers to a 4-year 200 million dollar deal which will make him the highest paid player annually. With those two out of the picture the Commanders are seeking out to see who’s the best available option at quarterback which right now could be the QB from New Orleans. Washington has been doing extensive research on quarterback Jameis Winston who got injured in the middle of the year with an ACL tear. Jameis Winston led the Saints to a 5-2 record when he started and looked a lot more improved from his year in 2019 when he last started a full season. Washington can go either way with their choice at QB whether it’s a rookie or a player who’s becoming a free agent. Mitch Trubisky from the Buffalo Bills didn’t get signed back to the Chicago Bears in the 2021 off season. The Bills signed him as a backup quarterback for Josh Allen. Mitch Trubisky is 29-21 as a starter which is better than most. The Commanders as of March 9th however have chosen their quarterback for the 2022 season via trade. Washington has traded two third round draft picks with the Indianapolis Colts for Carson Wentz and a seventh round pick. With the Carson Wentz trade the Commanders’ Super Bowl odds have gone from +6000 down to +7500. The Commanders’ potential offense is scary if the playmakers stay healthy and Carson Wentz plays at a good level of quarterback play. Carson Wentz will have a chance to play his two former teams in the 2022 season when the Commanders face the Philadelphia Eagles twice and the Indianapolis Colts once.

The Indianapolis media is already calling for the Colts to bench Carson  Wentz | PhillyVoice

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