Key West High School’s Comfort Movies

Everyone has that one movie they end up going back to over and over again. It holds a special place in their hearts, a place that consoles them whenever they need something to entertain themselves. For a lot of people, childhood classics are often their go-to comfort movie, and for others, action and comedy movies are where it’s at. Here are some of Key West High School’s favorite comfort movies. 

Bryan Fernandez, a sophomore at the high school, had his favorite comfort movie on the tip of his tongue. “The Bee Movie,” he exclaimed. “I have always just liked the inside of the beehive and it was just fun to watch. I also loved the relationship between the bee and the lady cause it was so good.” Fernandez seems to be nearly obsessed with The Bee Movie, admitting that he watches the movie no less than twice a week. 

Montunique Van Staden’s favorite comfort movie is Christopher Robin. The senior watched it when it first came out in 2018. “I love this movie because it makes me laugh and cry and makes me happy,” she explained. “I love animals and Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore are my favorite. The characters and the story line just make it an all-around fun movie no matter how you are feeling that day.” 

Paul Crespo has had a soft spot for the original Toy Story movie since he was a little kid. “It gives me happiness and it makes me reminisce on the good old days,” Paul explains, “I watch it three times a week.”

Nevaeh Arnold was ten years old when she first watched High School Musical and it has remained her comfort movie ever since. “I find it comforting due to the fact that I relate to the constant practices and wanting to try something new but feeling like I can’t,” she answers, “I watch this movie pretty often because it shows how to push through things when you are faced with problems.”

  Within The Snapper, our staff enjoys many classics in their free time. Our sports editors, Gus Wilson and Grayson Acevedo both consider Cars as their comfort movies because it was one of the biggest hits of their childhood. Sadie Dodds, one of our senior Co-editors, always finds herself rewatching Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Emma Scepkova enjoys Tangled and Ella Hall enjoys Peppa Pig: The Movie. Our newest member, Jack Molder, somehow finds comfort in Revenge of the Sith, but to each their own.

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