WHO CARES?: Rex Orange County

Alex O’Connor, better known by his stage name, Rex Orange County, just released his newest album, WHO CARES?, on March 11th. Known for his songs such as Pluto Projector, Bestfriend, and Sunflower, the artist has been releasing music since 2015. In his career, he has reached the Top Ten of Billboard Independent Albums chart with his 2017 album Apricot Princess and was featured in Tyler the Creator’s Grammy nominated album, Flower Boy.

The album kicks off with the first original single, KEEP IT UP. Originally released on January 26th, KEEP IT UP is an anthem of self-worth and overcoming obstacles in life. Another single, OPEN A WINDOW featuring Tyler the Creator, has been teased since early January when the new album was announced, fan’s raving about the collaboration.

The third track on the album is the first new song without an earlier release. WORTH IT pushes the audience to move on and get past grief. This most likely has to do with the artist’s breakup with his long-term girlfriend in 2020.

AMAZING is the second official single released on Valentine’s Day. It’s a sweet song that he said was “for the lovers.” This is followed by ONE IN A MILLION,  another emotional melody that is based more on a personal relationship and how in love he is with this person. 

photo provided by: @rexorangecounty on Instagram

Next on the queue is IF YOU WANT IT, which focuses on the light at the beginning of a new relationship. Continuing, 7AM is solely focused on wanting to make your current situation better but not being able to. It changes the mood from the previous songs, highlighting the struggle of independence and questioning if you are actually doing life right. 

Song number eight is THE SHADE which glances over his regrets of an obvious past love. It was originally performed during a live performance in April 2021, the four-year anniversary of Apricot Princess. 

Making our way down the album, MAKING TIME is sweet and short, with a listening time of just under two minutes. It gives the feeling of reassurance of a relationship being good. 

SHOOT ME DOWN fits in with the rest of the album as he discusses strains in a relationship and trying to solve these problems. The final song perfectly sums up the album as Rex expresses his feelings of wondering who actually cares. It holds a deeper message with simple music to close the album. 

If you are interested in starting to listen to Rex Orange County, check him out on Spotify and Apple Music where you can find all of his songs dating back to the very beginning of his career. 

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