Filmed in the Florida Keys

Aside from beautiful beaches and plenty of sunshine, the Florida Keys are also a great setting for a movie or show. In fact, the Florida Keys have hosted a good number of film crews since around 1948, including a show based on Carl Hiaasen’s book, Bad Monkey and various movies such as Key Largo’ (1948) and True Lies (1994). There have also been specific scenes from other movies and commercials that were filmed in Key West as well.

Since 1948, the Keys have been hosting film crews starting with the movie Key Largo in 1948. The Austrian-American actor, Arnold Schwarzennegger, was also in the Florida Keys. According to the Florida Keys website, he was in the movie True Lies, which is an action movie from 1994 and filmed specifically on the seven-mile bridge. The Keys are still hosting film crews of movies and television shows. 

Some reality shows and news channels have also come down to film. Some of the news channels that visited the Florida Keys include The Weather Channel and WPLG Local 10. Aside from storm tracking, The Weather Channel has come down for the show Rival Reels to film four sportfishing captains. The four captains kept their boats in the 78-year old marina in Islamorada, Bud N’ Mary’s. However, that is not the only news channel that has come down to film the Florida Keys. In 2018, the WPLG Local 10 came down to Key West High School to film its 2019 senior class’ first day after Hurricane Irma in 2017. The news channel filmed the seniors entering the campus and getting escorted by the Key West Fire Department and interviewed students, teachers, and parents.  

Key West High School Class of 2019 seniors posing for a picture on the first day of school.

There have been multiple television series recorded in Key West, one of them being the television series for the book by Carl Hiassen Bad Monkey, which is currently being filmed in the Florida Keys starring Vince Vaughn, who, according to Keys Weekly, also acted in Wedding Crashers. The show Bad Monkey is also produced by Bill Lawrence who produced and co-developed Ted Lasso. Some companies have also filmed commercials in the Keys as well, such as the car companies Jeep and Ford, which used primarily Key West and Marathon for filming locations. In 1996, Ralph Lauren Polo shot a commercial on Terra’s Key which is a private island in the Atlantic Ocean. Another popular place, especially for photographers, is The Moorings beach resort in Islamorada. 

Although, there have been many other film crews that shot commercials, shows, movies, etc. in the Florida Keys. Even countries like France, Germany, Switzerland, and more have chosen to film in the Florida Keys. 

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