Dear Teachers

Even though Teacher Appreciation Week has passed, their hard work and dedication in guiding us to success should be appreciated all school year. Every student has a specific teacher or two that has been by their side throughout high school and to whom they owe so much to. Key West High School is full of amazing support staff and in honor of the departing seniors of the class of 2022, here are a few final messages they have for their teachers. 

Dear Mrs.Ledbetter, 

I had you for freshman year biology, and on the first day, I came back home and told my parents how much I loved you. You are such a positive, fun, and entertaining teacher and I enjoyed every minute of your class. I remember when I got a large pack of Pura Vida anklets on my birthday and decided that I wanted to give one to you as thanks for being such a positive role model in my life. It brought me so much joy to see you just as excited about it as I was. 

Since that day, you have reminded me over and over again that it has never come off your ankle, even three years later. And through all of your hard times and struggles, you were here for your students and never failed to brighten my day when I came to visit you. I am forever grateful that I got scheduled in your class three years ago, and not just because you made a fool out of a certain sophomore daily and gave me the best quotes for my book of “Ledbetter-isms”, there is so much more.

A great teacher teaches kids how to become great people, not just great students, and I think you did just that. Thank you for everything.

With much much love, 

Scarlett McMonigle. 

Dear Mr. Hernandez, 

Even through Covid and other difficult times, these past four years you have had an amazing and positive impact during high school. You have taught me so much more than how to read and play it correctly. On occasion, you have taught meaningful life lessons. 

“A duck is not a goose” and “Excuses are the currency…blah blah blah” are some of your most memorable quotes. My favorite memory is surprising you with a cherry dipped cone because you swore it was your favorite and instead of appreciating it, you complained that you “never” eat sugar. Although, that cherry-dipped cone did seem to disappear a few minutes later. 

Thank you for all you have taught me and even though I’m happy I’m done with music, I am sad you won’t be my teacher anymore as I embark on my college journey. Go, Knights!!!

Thank you, 

Lola Unuvar

Dear Mrs. Tedesco, 

Thank you so much for guiding me and supporting me throughout my high school career. Ever since I entered your class sophomore year, you have done your best to push me and create the best student and person possible. From going far and wide to help me find Keys Tutoring, to fighting for our cause in every single teacher meeting, the organization owes lots of our success to you. Not only that, I owe much of my success as a student to you as well. You pushed me to pass the hardest Advanced Placement (AP)exams. Most importantly, you have been a great role model to me and gave me an example of an adult I aspire to be when I grow up. 

Thank you Mrs. Tedesco , 

Jonibek Muhsinov

Dear Mrs. Stacy, 

Thank you for everything you’ve done since first grade to senior year, Thank you for all of the student activities you have planned over the last four years, and thank you for always having snacks and candy whenever I walk into your room. My favorite memories have been going into your room during 3rd period this year, ranting about whatever was going on and wasting time so I wouldn’t have to go home. Without your smile, hard work, and positivity, KWHS would be lost. Thank you for everything over the last 12 years, and for making the last four years the best possible. You will always be someone I can count on to put a smile on my face. 

Yours truly, 

Chloe Knowles

Dear Coach Fink, 

Thank you so much for everything you taught me during junior year. While I only knew you the last two years of my high school journey, you have taught me so much inside and outside the classroom. When I was in your class, the advice you gave me made me become a better person than I was when I first stepped into the class over a year ago. Even though I sadly didn’t pass your exam, you were an excellent teacher and made sure I knew everything I needed to know before the exam. You will always have that to mess with me whenever I see you. 

Thank you, 

Gus Wilson 

Dear Mrs. Rech, 

I remember the first day I walked into your class as a freshmen, and to be completely honest, I was absolutely horrified. That was until I stepped foot into your first period, English 1 class where I was greeted with open arms and the most cheerful smile. All of my anxiety disappeared after that and even though your class was at 7:30 in the morning, there was never a day I did not enjoy. 

You were my first high school teacher,  and I couldn’t be more appreciative for that. Beyond the classroom, you have helped me excel and become the adult I want to be. I have learned from your kindness, compassion, and love you hold for every student, even if they aren’t yours. Most importantly, you taught me to value my self worth and be confident in every situation I walk into in life. 

Last year, as your student aid, I got to learn even more from you every day in 7th period. You encouraged me on my road to college applications and even though I am not going to Tulane, you were even more proud of me on my decision to go to LSU. Throughout the struggles I faced junior year, you supported me every step of the way. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher and role-model. 

Thank you for everything, 

Emily Bracher 

Dear Mr. Erhard, 

Thank you for welcoming me into journalism where I’ve met so many great people and where I’ve had so much fun. This experience has been great and nothing less than special. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to write articles about the things that interest me most like football. I was able to learn so much during my short time in this class and have been able to improve my skills in writing articles.

Thank you so much for putting up with all of us all these years. This class has been my favorite every year that I have been here and that is all thanks to you. Thanks to you and your amazing music choices, snappy wit, and wise advice. I will always think of you and your classic line “make good choices” whenever I say goodbye for the weekend.

To be honest, I was completely horrified to join your class my sophomore year. At the time, I was extremely intimidated by you in general and was totally shocked when I found out you were the exact opposite. Compared to what I anticipated, you proved my expectations incorrect and I could not have been more thankful for the guide you have been over the past few years. So many amazing memories have been made in your class, and you are to owe for that. Whether it’s you cracking jokes at Gus, or making fun of my decisions, it’s been a pleasure to be in your class. I can count multiple times where you should have given up on me, but you never did. You continued on to encourage me to keep writing and to get my articles in check. My greatest memory is when I asked you to write my college recommendation letter and handed you my “brag sheet” to help aid in the writing. You responded with, “I have had you for three years, I don’t think I need a brag sheet.” The outcome was one of the best recommendations I have ever received. Thank you for everything. 

I want to start by thanking you for everything you have taught me in the last three years. Since I joined your journalism class, my love for writing has grown and you were the main contributor. You have led me to enter the field of journalism and have made me a better writer along the way. Whether you were editing my articles or helping me become a multiple-time published author, you have helped me get to where I am today. Thank you so much for the past year. 

Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do, 

Snapper Seniors (Jack, Sadie, Emily, and Gus)

As the Class of 2022 parts way with the teachers who shaped who we are, the only thing we can all say is thank you. Thank you for going the extra mile inside and outside of the classroom and leading us to the big day on May 27th.

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