Best Summer Activities for Teens

With approximately 2 weeks of school left for Key West High School, the students are ready for summer break. However, most don’t know how to spend it. Sure, there are camps and programs to do, but they usually do not last all summer and are, most of the time, pricey. Instead, here are some activities that teens can do with or without friends over summer break. 

If the weather is gloomy or you just don’t want to go outside over the summer, here are some indoor activities that won’t have you scrolling on social media. One activity that will bring out your inner child is to build a fort using blankets, pillows, and other household items. Which, you can use in a video or movie that you can make with the help of video apps. If you are a little older, you can facetime friends, and with the app Game Pigeon, you can play games over text with friends or while you’re face-timing them. You can also relax and listen to music, it’s a good way to unwind and relive the previous year in your memories. If you don’t like staying still for very long, you could do yoga or make some art, even if those activities aren’t your “strength” you can still try them out and be creative. Another creative thing teens can do in the summer is to make new recipes, even if it’s just ramen noodles with a few add-ins. Anything edible can be a food combination, or if you don’t know exactly what to make, you can use a recipe, however, switch some optional ingredients for something else. For example, in a pizza recipe, instead of putting olives on it, you could put green peppers on it. 

Crafts are good activities to do on a rainy day in summer.

After the rain and clouds clear out, or on another day, the options of activities are endless, including things such as a gas station or grocery store run and even a water balloon battle. You could also learn to skate on a longboard, skateboard, penny board, or roller skates. It will take some time, however, it will keep you occupied so you don’t get as bored. Another outdoor activity that’s a classic is a water balloon battle. It can involve your family, friends, and neighbors. Another battle you can participate in is a Nerf battle. However, you should wear some form of eye protection. After or another time, you could additionally walk to a nearby gas station or grocery store. Although you can do it alone, if you’re a little younger, I would recommend going with a parent or adult you trust. Whether it’s at your house or a local park, hammocking is a great relaxing activity for teens. Additionally, when the sun goes down, you get a beautiful sunset and an opportunity to star-gaze. After you are done relaxing in a hammock, you could use those hammocks to build an obstacle course. Some other activities include fishing, making s’mores on a bonfire, climbing a tree, a photo-scavenger hunt with friends, and if it is really hot, jumping in a pool with your clothes on. 

Learning to skateboard will get you outdoors and active.

These aren’t the only summer activities teenagers can do, however, the possibilities are truly endless. These summer activities will keep you occupied and potentially find your new hobby or another hobby. 

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