Earth’s future

By: Summer Livengood

Earth is over 4 billion years old. Earth has always been a good place to live. If we want Earth  to be here for another 4 billion years, we are going to have to change the way we live. Our earth is more than 15% trash, killing our wildlife and hurting ecosystems. Does global warming mean that the earth is melting? Global warming is off the charts and there are many issues. Our glaciers are melting and the oceans are rising. Heat waves are going down and our heat stroke rate is off the charts.  

In New York, they created a climate clock. Saying how long we have until the world will slowly start to die. Saying we have a little over 7 years to change our ways and clean up our act,before the earth slowly becomes a hot ball of gas. Scientists predicted that earth would die off in 4 billion years due to the sun creating a greenhouse effect. But ,due to pollution, global warming, and others they are predicting that the earth could possibly die off earlier due to these conflicts. 

How do you prevent the end of the world? One of the best things is to lower the fossil fuel intake. Taking a bike or even taking a bus. Taking a bus has everyone using less gasoline. Growing more trees, growing more trees will help the carbon dioxide levels lower and the oxygen levels higher which will continue to help the earth. If we start now we can make the earth a better place and continue the earth’s generation for many years to come.  

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