Spring break 2022

By: Summer Livengood

Let’s go back to spring break of 2021 when most of the covid restrictions were removed. College and high school students out all day and all night partying and drinking. Getting noise complaints all over town. Having beaches and streets trashed. Due to all these inconveniences, Florida has put rules on our spring break. Like no alcohol on the beaches, adding curfews to the streets of key west and upper Florida. There are many things also like most restaurants are bringing back the no entry without a mask. As we all know walking around with a mask sucks. We all lose them and if you had a long day at the beach you’re wet, salty, and sandy. You can’t have loud music or be out drinking all night during the placement of this curfew. The locals dislike the tourists’ actions and feel they shouldn’t be worried about a week without school. There are many ways for spring breakers and locals to stay safe. Such as don’t drink and drive, listen to the curfew, make sure to carry masks around just in case, remember to keep drinks off the beach since you can be warned of being fined from anywhere between 100-200 dollars. Make sure to  social distance. Also, it is a good idea to maybe get tested a couple of days before you go. If you have the vaccine you should probably bring your vaccination card to show. If you are just down here for spring break don’t be irrational . No need for violence or harsh doings. There will be a time for parting and a time for relaxing. If you feel there is a problem that doesn’t need serious help you can call the non-emergency hotline ( 305-809-1111). If there is something like violence or any type of activity that is not ok, call 911. 

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