Best Sports for High School Students 

By: Sophia Powell 

Academics is not the only important part of a student’s high school career. Athletics should also be an important part of a students high school life, since playing any kind of sport can be very beneficial to all students no matter what grade. Accelerating in your sport can also give you the chance of getting scholarships from numerous colleges. 

Track and Field – Being the earliest sport in the world because of its appearance in the first Greek olympics in 776 B.C. Now it’s the most popular/ best high school sport in the U.S. Track can help runners maintain their body weight, helps enhance mental wellness and learning capacity, and helps students to make better decisions. Track can also help kids learn the importance of hard work and commitment.

FootballAlthough football is a predominantly male sport females are still permitted to play even if it’s not common. Football may be a fun and exciting sport but it can also cause life-threatening injuries and possibly even death. Besides that football is an amazing sport for students because it outlines the importance of teamwork and helps make new lifelong bonds and friendships.

Basketball – Unlike football most schools have both a girls and boys basketball team. Basketball is definitely a safer sport compared to others. It’s beneficial in many ways including burning calories, improving balance and coordination, and helps build endurance. Basketball can develop concentration, self- discipline, and teamwork.

Soccer – Soccer is just like basketball and track, most schools offer both a girls and boys team but having them separate helps with learning quicker and easier. Soccer is one of the top sports that can improve and maintain good cardiovascular health. Compared to other sports that are mainly enjoyed in the U.S. soccer is loved around the world, one of the most popular countries that enjoys soccer is Brazil

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