Save the manatee’s

By: Summer Livengood

In Florida, one of our favorite wildlife creatures ismanatees, or as some call sea cows. In Florida, these manatees are protected but not enough. Sadly these creatures are slowly becoming extinct due to the human population. There are less than 4,000 manatees this year when in the past 5 years there were over 8,000. In the past week over 600 manatees have been found dead. 

Florida is spending 30 million to help protect manatees. In the past years, there have been no-wake signs put up in canals and protected areas such as their feeding grounds, and nursery grounds. They are trying to add more no wake signs and more protective grounds. Also trying to start a manatee refuge to help sea life. They are trying to see their numbers grow to hopefully get to higher numbers. They are hoping that over time there will be over 10,000 in just Florida and hopefully other areas. 

Don’t touch the manatees. Manatees are protected and touching them is not okay. Feeding and watering them is also not good. These animals are nurturers and are often to come back if they feel they would be taken care of. Soon only being dependent on resources given to them. Make sure you aren’t discarding food in the water. Make sure your hoses are propped out of the water and turned  off. Make sure to go slow in canals or on flats. Be sure to pick up trash and to help other wildlife as well.

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