Florida’s Upcoming Summer

By:Summer Livengood

Florida is a very touristy area. Key West gets over 550 tourists a week. You would never guess how many we get during summer break. Over 3 million people just during the summer.  `Now for the small Florida keys, that’s a lot of people. It also hurts our oceans and other communities. Bars stay open longer, beaches get more pollution. The summer comes with a lot of challenges but can also be a good time. Getting to swim in the ocean and play on our sandy beaches. Downtown key west is a great time to have shops, bars, and other fun things to do. 

Just remember to wear your sunscreen. The UV rays from the sun will be at their highest yet. Which could lead to 3rd-degree burns. Make sure to wear SPF 50 and up. Make sure to respect our wildlife like the key deer, and our aquatic marine life. In the past 20 years over 300 cases of 3rd-degree burns have been reported from sunburn. Make sure to pick up your trash and keep your area clean. Recycle plastic bottles and papers. Make sure to keep items out of the water when not around. Due to the past summer’s, sum bars will be closing early and some will be staying up late. 

Also if you are to stay out and drink please uber home or find a ride with someone who didn’t drink. Safety is a very important thing and driving is not at all safe. Make sure to tell trusted adults or friends that you will be leaving and going out. For your safety, if you are here to dive or snorkel make sure to have a diving knife. In situations people have been caught in rope and fishing wire and having a safety knife is always safe. Make sure to keep your stuff in safe places and show good sportsmanship to the locals. Locals in key west aren’t big fans of tourists. Thinking they will mess up their committee so stay respectful when around crowded areas and make sure not to have loud sounds coming from you or your homes.  For the summer of 2022

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