BAnning of synthetic nicotine

By:Summer Livengood

The recent bill signed by President Joe Biden is to get rid of synthetic nicotine. If you don’t know what synthetic nicotine is, it is vapes and e-cigarettes. It also doesn’t contain any tobacco, which makes it synthetic. They are chemically produced and made. In the past couple of years, nicotine products have become more and more popular. Also, due to the popularity of these items, young teens have grown a liking for this chemical. Biden has decided to ban these synthetic nicotine products to help cancel young teen smoking and also to help slow the rate of lung cancer.
Is nicotine good for you? No, it’s not, nicotine has harmful chemicals that can contain nickel and lead which in the long run can cause cancer, breathing problems, and other issues further in. Starting young is never good because the chemicals in nicotine products can make you age faster.
Joe Biden has made this bill to help those who need it also partnering with many anti-smoking, anti-tobacco, and synthetic nicotine use companies. Many of these companies will give free tobacco and nicotine patches. If you are struggling with addiction, talk to someone. If you are a young adult, talk to a trusted adult and quit now.

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