Overcoming the Obstacle of Testing

Looming over them like an ominous sky, signaling an incoming, inescapable storm, testing on state and nation levels harm students’ mental health. 

With the  Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), the Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test (PSAT), Advanced Placement (AP) exams, the Florida Standards Assessments (FSA), and End of Course (EOC) exams, the students of Key West High School (KWHS) have stress piled high on their plate.

A SAT prep book can be extremely helpful for students to learn the type of questions on the test and study. Photo provided by Amazon.com

Serena Sander, a junior at KWHS, expresses her opinion on the implementation of testing in school. ”Whether it’s what knowledge will I have to know to pass my AP exams, or what SAT score I need to get into desired colleges it’s a constant concern and there is no way to escape it in the school system.” Sander adds, “I think there are genuinely no benefits to state and national testing other than comparing students to see where they stand respectively”. 

A senior at KWHS, Katie “Scarlett” McMonigle, shares the same stance on testing as Sander. “I think that testing adds a lot of stress to my and other students’ lives and is not an accurate representation of each student’s academic ability.”

McMonigle continues on the reasons for the negative impact of testing on students. “My least favorite part is how time-consuming it is and how much emphasis is placed on your results.”

Though testing is a colossal amount of anxiety for students, the only way to handle this is to be prepared. Sander advises on how to prepare for nationwide tests.“The best studying technique for AP testing and subject testing is to focus and pay attention in the class and thoroughly engage yourself in the course to understand it. For SATs, you just have to study how to take the SAT, not necessarily the material itself.”

Students are forced to study and memorize information, simply to be tested on it; yet, do not learn and apply it. Being prepared is the only way to overcome the obstacle of state and nationwide testing. 

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