Two Headed Animals

In Greek Mythology, there is an animal known to be born with three heads, called Cerberus. 

In more recent times there have been cases of two headed animals. Snakes, turtles, cats, cows, pigs, fish, birds, dogs, and sharks on multiple occasions have been born with two heads. 

Two headed snake

The first two headed animal discovered was in 1894 in Boston, Massachusetts, and partridge and it survived into adulthood. 

Nowadays, two headed animals are found more commonly. Since these two headed animals are rare they are kept in measams after death. 

Two headed sharks are popping up all over because of overpopulation of fish, it’s messing with their genetics and causing many to be born with two heads. 

Two headed animals in the wild usually don’t live long because they have a hard time getting away from predators and finding food in the wild. So, when two headed animals are found, they are usually kept in labs. 

Two headed animals are created when an embryo splits in half but doesn’t kill the egg. It’s unlikely for this to happen, but it is found in reptiles more than mammals. Two headed animals in many cultures are considered to be disastrous. Some think these creatures are as destructible as dinosaurs. Two headed animals are thought to represent the Earth and the Underworld, being often described as evil, destructive, and terrible. On the other hand, others describe these creatures as mysterious, terrific, and evolutionary. They think two headed animals are majestic creatures and should be respected by all because they are rare. To see these two headed creatures they are preserved in many museums all over the world. The Idaho State historical museum has a two headed calf. Ripley’s Believe it or not! has two headed animals at its Tennessee site. The museum of Lausanne, Switzerland has preserved two headed animals as well.  

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