The Worlds Rarest Animals

Animals are found all over the world, but some speciesare more common than others. Some of the world’s rarest animals are the; vaquita, rhinoceros, red wolf, gobi bear, saola, addax, amur leopard, philippine crocodile, and kakapo.  The kakapos is a large and critically endangered bird, with the total adult population only being around 201. All living Kakapos are tagged and named. They live on small … Continue reading The Worlds Rarest Animals

The Killer Cone Snail Saves the Day

The Cone Snail is a sea species of snail which is also commonly referred to by the name ‘The Killer Cone Snail’. The Cone Snails live in the pacific ocean, The Indian ocean, the Caribbean sea, the red sea, and along Florida’s coast. There are 600 species of Cone Snail and only two of them are known to be able to kill humans. The Cone … Continue reading The Killer Cone Snail Saves the Day

Medically Used Plants

There are 391,000 species of plants known to be living in the world, of these species, 50,000 of them are used in medicine. These plants are disappearing quickly though, with over 15,000 facing endangerment because of overharvesting and habitat loss. Different types of plants are used medically every day like roots, flowers, stalks, leaves, cloves, and fruit.  The reason so many of these plants are … Continue reading Medically Used Plants

Life Saving Sea Sponge

There are so many medications around the world, most common illnesses or diseases have a medication to help people overcome them. On the other hand, there are diseases that are harder to cure, such as cancer, HIV, and AIDS. These diseases do have cures and treatments, but they are not quick or simple. For some forms of cancer, they can be treated by radiation, chemotherapy, … Continue reading Life Saving Sea Sponge

Lizards and Geckos with big hearts

As humans, we form bonds with people every day; whenever we feel we truly bond with someone, we show affection. However, is it only humans that show bond, affection, love, and trust? Scientists have found that geckos have big hearts that are just as capable of bonding. When a pet is adopted into a home, it may take some time for the owner to connect … Continue reading Lizards and Geckos with big hearts


What causes humans to yawn? Many people believe yawning is a sign of tiredness and boredom, but that theory is being proved wrong. Recent experiments on yawning by scientists have uncovered some shocking information. The first piece of information found is that it is contagious. It’s been proven when you hear or watch someone else yawn, you will do the same.    The next piece … Continue reading Yawning