Stop Stressing, Relax!

Stress gradually wears on people like a parasite slowly takes over its host. Though it takes time for the damage to be done, it oftentimes is detrimental. Modern life has many stressors, especially for the students of Key West High School.  Attempting to juggle success in school with sports, clubs, extracurricular activities, with work is difficult. A senior at KWHS, Sadie Dodds shared, “I feel … Continue reading Stop Stressing, Relax!

Anger issues

By: Summer Livengood What are anger issues? “Anger becomes a problem when you have trouble controlling it, causing you to say or do things you regret. A 2010 study found that uncontrolled anger is bad for your physical and mental health. It can also quickly escalate to verbal or physical violence, harming you and those around you.” If you think you have anger issues there … Continue reading Anger issues

Overcoming the Obstacle of Testing

Looming over them like an ominous sky, signaling an incoming, inescapable storm, testing on state and nation levels harm students’ mental health.  With the  Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), the Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test (PSAT), Advanced Placement (AP) exams, the Florida Standards Assessments (FSA), and End of Course (EOC) exams, the students of Key West High School (KWHS) have stress piled high on their plate. Serena … Continue reading Overcoming the Obstacle of Testing

Strip Stress from Applications

Stress can consume people’s lives like a ravenous wolf gobbles up its prey; however, it can be handled. As early decision application deadlines are approaching, students must manage their time well to reduce the amount of stress in their lives. Jaiden Troilo, a senior at Key West High School (KWHS), shares his personal experience with the application process. “For me, applying to colleges has been … Continue reading Strip Stress from Applications