Christmas just isn’t the same anymore

As a child, presents, Santa, and cookies usually come to mind when the word “Christmas” is uttered. However, as kids transition and become adults, this mentality can fade away. Some students at Key West High School (KWHS) miss the holiday seasons of their childhood.  Isabela Barr, a soon-to-be graduating senior at KWHS, reminisced on the simple fun of the holidays as a young girl. Barr … Continue reading Christmas just isn’t the same anymore

Top three Christmas traditions

November is the season of fall, warm autumn colors, and celebrating Thanksgiving, an American holiday that celebrates the joining of Native Americans and Pilgrims through a feast. But personally, I move on to Christmas in November. I want to celebrate the cool tones, the presents under the decorated evergreen trees, the fat man who brings coal to naughty kids, etc. So to celebrate this extravagant … Continue reading Top three Christmas traditions

Conch 5 Studios Annual Customs House Holiday Projector Show

On December 10th, Key West High School’s (KWHS) Conch 5 Studios, a program dedicated to digital arts, is hosting their annual Customs House Holiday Projector Show. The show consists of projector mapping art and animations created by the community.  Due to COVID-19, the event last year was canceled, leaving some of the artists’ artwork still behind the curtain. However, the director of this year’s show, … Continue reading Conch 5 Studios Annual Customs House Holiday Projector Show

Holiday spirit is seen everywhere!

 As the tail end of 2021 speedily approaches, the familiar scent of baked goods and Evergreen trees linger in the air. Cool, brisk breezes and peppermint lattes sound the alarms that the holiday season has officially arrived.  Many love this time of the year for various reasons, and the students of Key West High School (KWHS) are no different.  Hunter Boxall, a sophomore at KWHS, … Continue reading Holiday spirit is seen everywhere!

Last Christmas Review

By Sadie Dodds Kate (Emilia Clarke) can’t seem to get her life back on track after she survived a life threatening heart problem the Christmas prior. Her job, friendships, family relationships, and goals are slipping through her fingers. Suddenly she meets Tom and it seems like everything might turn around. Tom’s optimistic views on life, love, and Christmas begin to change Kate and her life. … Continue reading Last Christmas Review