Holiday spirit is seen everywhere!

 As the tail end of 2021 speedily approaches, the familiar scent of baked goods and Evergreen trees linger in the air. Cool, brisk breezes and peppermint lattes sound the alarms that the holiday season has officially arrived. 

Many love this time of the year for various reasons, and the students of Key West High School (KWHS) are no different. 

The holidays have finally arrived in the Florida Keys. Photo provided by

Hunter Boxall, a sophomore at KWHS, shared what he loves about the holidays. “My favorite part of the holiday season is seeing the decorations and lights everywhere.” Lights strung up on almost every house really brighten up a day.

For Ella Hall, a junior at KWHS, the tastes, time, and excitement that the season offers. “I love baking cookies and spending time with my loved ones.” Hall expressed. 

Another junior at KWHS, Berkley Lindley, is immensely eager and enthusiastic leading up to this time of year. Lindley divulged, “I love Christmas so much, I put my tree up before Halloween. The spirit of Christmas is the way to make memories and spend time with the ones you love.” Lindley continued, “I think Christmas is really a time for little moments. With the craziness of this year, what’s a better way to celebrate other than spending time with loved ones?” 

Everyone needs to treasure these little moments because it’s what makes the holiday season so incredibly special. Roan Milelli, a sophomore at KWHS, really appreciates how this special season brings out such positive emotions in others.

 Milelli revealed, “My favorite part of the holiday season is seeing the joy on people’s faces. When you see people walking around with a big smile right before the break, or your neighbors on Christmas Day. Everyone gets really happy and it’s the best part of the holidays.”

The holidays bring together families, friends, and loved ones. From the lights and decorations to the delectable treats made this season enkindles joy and cheer, and it is evident. The holiday spirit is seen everywhere and beloved by the students of KWHS.

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