Top three Christmas traditions

November is the season of fall, warm autumn colors, and celebrating Thanksgiving, an American holiday that celebrates the joining of Native Americans and Pilgrims through a feast. But personally, I move on to Christmas in November. I want to celebrate the cool tones, the presents under the decorated evergreen trees, the fat man who brings coal to naughty kids, etc. So to celebrate this extravagant holiday, here are my top three Christmas traditions. 

  1. Decorating a evergreen tree

To bond with your family, go get an evergreen tree from your local markets! Evergreen trees are used on Christmas to decorate with ornaments, tinsel, colorful lights, and even candy canes. On my tree, we put Christmas crackers on them. It’s a European tradition where two people pull on the ends of a tube and it makes a pop sound, revealing a surprise inside. When the tree is decorated, it is called a Christmas tree, bringing joy and color to your household. 

  1. Going caroling

Caroling is a great way to bond with your friends, family, and most importantly, the community. Singing Christmas songs or hymns brings a smile to others’ faces, and a Christmas motto is that “it is better to give and not receive.” Not only are you bringing a smile to others, but at the end of the day, you feel good for making others happy. In Key West, Florida, carolers go on a Conch Train, a tram that looks like a train that drives around the island to spread winter holiday songs and to look at the Christmas decorations around Key West. 

  1. Making gingerbread houses

As someone who loves to bake, this tradition takes my love for baking to the next level. Not only do I get to bake cookies, but I get to make a house out of them and decorate it to make it a winter wonderland. Gingerbread houses are made of gingerbread cookies and “glued” together with frosting. After it is put together, extra candy is used to decorate the house such as gumdrops, Skittles, peppermints, etc. 

Although these are my favorite Christmas traditions, feel free to celebrate in other ways. There is no wrong way to spend the holiday season.

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