The 2022 Customs House Holiday Bazaar

On December 9th, the Key West Art & Historical Society, an organization dedicated to preserving and creating art in Key West, is hosting their annual Holiday Bazaar. It will be held outside of the Customs House, a historic Key West building used as an art museum. At this festive event, there will be a variety of activities for people of all ages to come and … Continue reading The 2022 Customs House Holiday Bazaar

Top three Christmas traditions

November is the season of fall, warm autumn colors, and celebrating Thanksgiving, an American holiday that celebrates the joining of Native Americans and Pilgrims through a feast. But personally, I move on to Christmas in November. I want to celebrate the cool tones, the presents under the decorated evergreen trees, the fat man who brings coal to naughty kids, etc. So to celebrate this extravagant … Continue reading Top three Christmas traditions