The 2022 Customs House Holiday Bazaar

On December 9th, the Key West Art & Historical Society, an organization dedicated to preserving and creating art in Key West, is hosting their annual Holiday Bazaar. It will be held outside of the Customs House, a historic Key West building used as an art museum. At this festive event, there will be a variety of activities for people of all ages to come and take part in. 

The main attraction for the event is the projection show led by Conch 5 Studios, a digital video technology class at Key West High School (KWHS). This year it will be led by Stephanie Jenkins, a senior at KWHS and an award winning artist. There will be an array of student produced projections on the top of the Customs House. Last year, everyone was in awe of the display, so this year the expectations are still high from the community. 

While watching the projections, there will be live music playing for Key West citizens to watch as well. There will be a variety of performers throughout the night, composed of bands, singers, and instrumental soloists. 

Now what will you be able to do while listening to the joyous music and looking at the glistening projections? Around the Customs House, there will be shops set up that sell an arrangement of goods. Jewelry, clothes, art supplies, etc. And if you’re feeling a little hungry (or a lot), there is something for everyone’s preferences. They have tacos, kebabs, rice & steak, hot chocolate, ice cream, key lime pie, etc. There is enough to satisfy you for dinner and for your sweet tooth. 

And let’s not forget about something for the younger kids: Santa Claus. There will be a Santa and Mrs. Claus walking around the event for kids to tell them what they want for Christmas. 

This event not only contributes to the community with holiday cheer, but it benefits the Key West Art & Historical Society as well. If you can, please stop by to make sure that this organization is up and running for years to come so they can preserve the artistic history of Cayo Hueso. In addition, stop by the Conch 5 Studios table to show your support to your high school digital media group.

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