Christmas just isn’t the same anymore

As a child, presents, Santa, and cookies usually come to mind when the word “Christmas” is uttered. However, as kids transition and become adults, this mentality can fade away. Some students at Key West High School (KWHS) miss the holiday seasons of their childhood. 

Isabela Barr, a soon-to-be graduating senior at KWHS, reminisced on the simple fun of the holidays as a young girl. Barr shared, “When I was younger, we use to have these big holiday parties. Family from all over the country would come. The whole family would get together and celebrate Christmas.” Barr explained a specific memory that came to mind. “One year we had Christmas at our house, and my entire family and some friends came over, and we decorated the house to look very spirited and Christmasy. My mom and dad cooked a very nice meal. It was just very warm and full of love.” 

A positive, warm atmosphere created memories lasting a lifetime, but what changed? As kids grow, more and more are put onto their plates. School increases in difficulty. Tests and homework become harder. Thoughts of When is the deadline? Did I study for that midterm? Will I pass my class? begin to cloud teenagers’ minds and push holiday cheer out. 

Barr elaborated, “I think that my responsibilities dampen my Christmas spirit. Sometimes, when I have to go to school the next day, a test coming up, or essays are due, I have to say no to going out and doing certain holiday traditions like parties or Christmas caroling.” She continued, “Conversely if I’m participating in all of these Christmas activities, I’m not always finishing all the stuff I need to get done. I can’t do both at the same time.”

However, there is a massive positive side. All work will take a pause and holiday cheer will prevail. Barr concluded, “This time of year, I usually have less stress because I am so focused on all of the good things coming up and that takes some of the pressure off of my daily life.” 

The holiday season is a time to relax and spend time with family and friends. Make sure to take responsibilities seriously, but simultaneously, make sure not to overwork yourself. Happy Holidays!

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