Bright Futures Scholarship to be Altered

By Sadie Dodds On May 8, Florida Senate Bill, SB-86, was passed through the Senate and into the House. The Bill includes changes to the Florida scholarship program, Bright Futures. Among other things, the passing of this bill will require several educational boards to approve a list of acceptable majors for students using the scholarship. The basic requirement of acceptable majors will be whether or … Continue reading Bright Futures Scholarship to be Altered

Biden Releases Information on His American Jobs Plan

On March 31, President Joe Biden released a government fact sheet regarding his American Jobs Plan. This plan is one of a two-part bill presented by Biden and his office that hopes to restore the United States’ economy and overall citizen well-being after the devastation of COVID-19. The American Jobs Plan is supposed to expand on the first part of this plan, the American Rescue … Continue reading Biden Releases Information on His American Jobs Plan

“The Wilds” Amazon Prime Review

By Sadie Dodds The Wilds, released on Amazon Prime on December 11, 2020, has been a breath of fresh air in a medium usually dominated by stories of men and their struggles. This show tells the story of a group of teen girls as they uncover secrets about themselves, each other, and the island on which they find themselves stranded. This feminist breakdown of the … Continue reading “The Wilds” Amazon Prime Review

Julie and the Phantoms Review

By Sadie Dodds Despite her talent and passion, Julie Molina, a highschool sophomore, gives up music after her mother’s tragic death, feeling that it’s too horrible of a reminder of what she has lost. However, she begins to realize that music is much more than just something that she did with her mom when she meets three ghostly members of a mid-90s band: Sunset Curve. … Continue reading Julie and the Phantoms Review

Teenage Bounty Hunters Review

By: Sadie Dodds WARNING: There are major spoilers ahead so only read this if you have already watched “Teenage Bounty Hunters” or, for some reason, don’t care about spoilers. “Teenage Bounty Hunters” centers on naive and ridiculously ditzy twin sisters Sterling (played by Maddie Phillips) and Blair (played by Anjelica Bette Fellini). The audience follows Sterling and Blair through multiple relationships, several school projects, life-changing … Continue reading Teenage Bounty Hunters Review

Last Christmas Review

By Sadie Dodds Kate (Emilia Clarke) can’t seem to get her life back on track after she survived a life threatening heart problem the Christmas prior. Her job, friendships, family relationships, and goals are slipping through her fingers. Suddenly she meets Tom and it seems like everything might turn around. Tom’s optimistic views on life, love, and Christmas begin to change Kate and her life. … Continue reading Last Christmas Review