Biden Releases Information on His American Jobs Plan

On March 31, President Joe Biden released a government fact sheet regarding his American Jobs Plan. This plan is one of a two-part bill presented by Biden and his office that hopes to restore the United States’ economy and overall citizen well-being after the devastation of COVID-19. The American Jobs Plan is supposed to expand on the first part of this plan, the American Rescue Plan, by including not just recovery and rebuilding back to where we were, but also improvements on our previous system as a whole. The entire bill was passed by the House of Representatives on March 10 and signed by President Biden on March 11. Now, our government is working to see it fulfilled.

Among other things, according to the fact sheet, the American Jobs Plan will work to fix transportation, provide provisions (such as water, electricity, broadband internet, etc.), build and preserve homes, create jobs, raise wages, and invest in R&D (abbreviation for “Research and Development,” and includes the corporate or governmental development and improvement of services or products). Some of these goals include what Republican Journalist Stephen Moore refers to as a “wish list of everything conceivable that the left has wanted to spend money on for years.” This “wish list” includes pushes for renewable energy, racial equity, and a higher minimum wage, which Biden is shooting for $15 an hour. Despite its opponents, some, including Scott Detrow and Tamara Keith of NPR, say that Biden’s plans include improvements meant to cater to both parties. 

Including the American Rescue Plan, Biden’s two-part stimulus bill will cost nearly $2 trillion. This number includes $115 billion for transportation, such as bridges and roads, $100 billion for nationwide broadband internet, $100 billion for schools, and $100 billion for electricity, including the move toward clean energy. The bill also proposes sending $1,400 checks to all qualifying Americans. Qualifying people include individuals with up to $75,000 in income, households with up to $112,500, and married couples filing jointly with up to $150,000.

The White House is now accepting personal stories from all Americans regarding how the American Rescue Plan will help them. If you wish to read the American Jobs Plan fact sheet yourself or submit your story, you can find more information on the White House website.

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