First Hotel in Space by 2027

Whether they are kids wishing to be astronauts or adults aspiring to check something off their bucket list, people always talk about wanting to go to space. With this exciting news, these dreams just became a whole lot more realistic.

The construction company Orbital Assembly made a huge announcement at the beginning of last month. The Orbital Assembly stated that construction will begin in 2025 for a hotel to be created inside of the Voyager station, a proposed space station to be finished by 2026. It is reported that the earliest it will be ready for occupants is by 2027. While that is still a minimum of 6 years away, the idea we are making strides to expand into space, and will be able to live there without being an astronaut is pretty extraordinary.

Not many details about this hotel have been released. The price of the construction is still a mystery, along with the amount to stay per night which has yet to be agreed on. The hotel can have 400 residents at a time, and it was explained to CNN that it will come with “restaurants, a cinema, spa” and sufficient rooms. Inside the hotel, there will be artificial gravity similar to that on the moon, so you will be able to jump higher, carry more, and perform other abilities you cannot perform with Earth’s gravity.

Not only will the hotel be a huge tourist attraction, but it will also be a great step in the right direction for science and technology!

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