The Return of EA Sports’ NCAA Football

By: Gus Wilson Electronic Arts (EA) Sports has not made a college football video game since 2014, when they created NCAA Football 14, a college football video game similar to John Madden’s with all real teams and players. Football and video game fans have been begging for this game to return one day, but with states and the NCAA still not passing the laws to … Continue reading The Return of EA Sports’ NCAA Football

Women Making Their Mark in Major Sports Leagues

Recently in the sports world, women have been making headlines like it’s nothing. ESPN and other large sports networks have been reporting on these historical events and how important they are. College football, the National Football League, and Major League Baseball Association have all been evolving to give women opportunities that they never had before. The Vanderbilt Commodores’ shocked the sports world when they brought … Continue reading Women Making Their Mark in Major Sports Leagues

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Major Sports League’s Response to Social Injustice

By: Gus Wilson The year 2020 is now the definition of chaotic. With the saddening deaths of many celebrities and a new global pandemic, many thought the year couldn’t get worse. However, there has been an increasing number of incidents of racial injustice. With sports leagues starting up or resuming their seasons, many of the major professional leagues are making one or many actions so … Continue reading Major Sports League’s Response to Social Injustice

Key West Backyard Renovation

By: Gus Wilson All around Key West, the high school sporting events and games create a huge buzz around town. These events are about to take a monumental step towards an upgrade. After a Monroe County School District meeting, a decision has been made to begin bids and planning on the renovation of Key West High School’s sporting fields, nicknamed “The Backyard.” This decision was … Continue reading Key West Backyard Renovation

Division I Athletes in Key West

By: Gus Wilson While growing up, kids dream of becoming a professional athlete. During this 2019-2020 school year, two Key West High School (KWHS) athletes took a major step towards that dream. Patrick Barnett and Brendan Roney will be attending NCAA Division I colleges to play their respective sports in hopes of being recognized by a professional team. Patrick Barnett will be attending and playing … Continue reading Division I Athletes in Key West

Literary Opportunities of Key West

By: Lola Fettis In Key West the artistic culture is abundant, which helps provide opportunities to young people. There have been an abundance of famous writers that have both come to and have come out of Key West. Although most of the well known people come from before our time, such as Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams, there are still many authors living here, and … Continue reading Literary Opportunities of Key West

Pictures Of The Week

Cory Nutt, pictured on the left, is one of the 29 other students to pass their industry certification. Nutt was the only one to perfectly pass with a 1000/1000. Credit: Ebenson Michelin      At Key West High School, there was a table set up supporting the Special Olympics team. The orange shirts worn by seven of the people pictured help support the team. Credit: Key West … Continue reading Pictures Of The Week