2021 Junior/Senior Luau

On April 16th, Key West High School (KWHS) hosted their annual event, the Junior/Senior Luau at the Coffee Butler Amphitheater. However, this year the event came with a twist, COVID-19 style. Teachers and parents were present to supervise and ensure that the students were socially distant and keeping their masks on. Those limitations made it difficult to reach the fun of past years’ luaus. Still, the KWHS faculty have been able to adapt these traditional events to the new present. 

(Left to Right) Aiden Vernetti, Gus Wilson, Chase Sellers, Logan Kirchner, Connor Lee, and Siddharth Singh are spending time together at the luau. Photo Provided by Ella Hall

To make it feel like a “Hawaiian delicacy,” the chaperones passed out leis while you entered the dance. They had various “covid friendly” activities during the luau, such as dancing and hosting limbo, a game revolving around bending under a stick. Regarding the supply of food, everything was prepackaged for the students to “grab and go” with ease, providing a solution to keep crowds from forming. 

Chaperones are selling a variety of food at the concession stands, such as pizza, fruit, and cookies. Photo Provided by Ella Hall

Although some KWHS events have been canceled, many northern schools have not participated in any school-related events this year. After seeing how our faculty ran the luau, I am confident that they will pull off the rest of this year’s events (notable Junior/Senior Field Day and prom coming up) while keeping in mind the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. 

By looking at past activities hosted by the City of Key West this year, I would say that Key West High has maintained our events superbly so far. During New Year’s Eve, the “anti-masker” citizens did not respond well to the 10 o’clock curfew instead of the usual midnight countdown. Although most followed the rules eventually, the town did not accept them quickly enough. However, during the luau, a few debacles went down, such as underclassmen sneaking in.  In comparison to the City of Key West, the KWHS faculty shut down the problem right as it popped up. 

With no doubt about it, parents will look upon the KWHS faculty as “keeping my child in safe hands while also maintaining the high school experience.” Seeing the turn out of the luau, I am hopeful that they will keep their standards the same, carrying their Conch Pride through each and every event.

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