Slime Language 2 Review

After Young Thug’s very successful album “So Much Fun” which came out in the summer of 2019, Thug released Slime Language 2 which has a stacked lineup of artists across the whole album. 

         The twenty three song album started out with the track “Slatty” and is a solid intro to the album. With features from Yak Gotti and Lil Duke and a fun hook the song sets the tone for the rest of the album. The second song, “Ski”, which was leaked days before the album was to be released. Is another high energy song in which Thug and the feature Gunna just do what they want essentially and makes for another pretty good track. The song is one of the most popular so far as the tik tok dance for the song has been used by multiple artists and all over tik tok in general. The third track might be one of the best on the whole album as “Diamonds Dancing” certainly showed off the best of all artists on the song. With Young Thug, Travis Scott, and Gunna on the track the lineup was definitely an eye catcher right away. Travis Scott, who usually doesn’t feature on many songs, was on the tracklist. Scott easily put together the best performance on the song and really elevated the track that much more which is not a shock at all. Then track four, “Solid”, featuring Drake and Gunna is one of the more vibey songs on the album. Drake put in another good performance and Gunna did his thing as well putting another solid track to the album. Track five went back to high energy as “Came and Saw” featuring Rowdy Rebel which is one of the most hype rappers in the game today. Although it may have been the worst track so far it was still good. 

          Track six was another highly anticipated track being, “Paid the Fine”, which featured Lil Baby and YTB Trench. The song definitely has some emotion behind it being one of the more lyrical tracks. Although the track was solid it definitely could have been better seeing Lil Baby’s recent performances on features. Track seven was the most highly anticipated track coming into the album,“Proud of You”. Originally being Lil Uzi’s song which was hyped up before the release for over 2 years. The song is definitely one of the best on the album with Young Thug and Yung Kayo also putting together solid pieces to the track. Some other tracks that caught my eye on the last part of the album are as follows. Track eleven “Pots and Pans” as Lil Duke and Nav put together in my opinion the best song on the album. Nav really shined on this track as well putting down one of his best verses in my opinion. Track thirteen, “Superstar,  included Future who always brings a new element to every song he is on. This song was no different as Future used a bit of a different style which has had mixed reviews from listeners. The final track that got my attention was Track nineteen “Moon Man” which featured Strick and the legendary Kid Cudi who as usual did a great job on the track and as did Strick. 

          Overall the album was enjoyable with many different artists getting an opportunity to shine. I think one of the best aspects is the fact that so many artists I didn’t know did well on the album and has led me to listen to more of their music. My final rating for the album is a 7.5/10 as some tracks were very good and others were slightly lackluster, overall a fun listen and definitely has me wanting more Young Thug music soon.

Young Stoner Life, Young Thug & Gunna - Slime Language 2 Lyrics and  Tracklist | Genius

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