J. Cole The Offseason Review

One of the most respected and talented artists in the music industry, J. Cole, has released his long awaited album “The Offseason”. The album is twelve tracks long with two of those songs “interlude” and “the. climb. back” being singles released prior to the album.            Cole started out the album with “95. South” a song perfectly fit as an intro with plenty of bars to … Continue reading J. Cole The Offseason Review

DeSantis Lifts Mask Mandates

          In the wake of COVID vaccines being given out to the public some states have lifted almost all mandates. Florida has now added itself to that list being one of the largest states to make this decision.            This decision for any state is very difficult and controversial with their still being many different views on the COVID situation. However DeSantis believes the time of mandates … Continue reading DeSantis Lifts Mask Mandates

NFL Draft Round One Recap

The National Football League (NFL) draft is one of the most beloved events by sports fans all around the world. With hundreds of players’ dreams being fulfilled each year during the 3 days of drafting, fans end up either very happy or extremely disappointed from the selection made by their favorite team.           Round 1 of the draft is the most watched and anticipated day as … Continue reading NFL Draft Round One Recap

Slime Language 2 Review

After Young Thug’s very successful album “So Much Fun” which came out in the summer of 2019, Thug released Slime Language 2 which has a stacked lineup of artists across the whole album.           The twenty three song album started out with the track “Slatty” and is a solid intro to the album. With features from Yak Gotti and Lil Duke and a fun hook the … Continue reading Slime Language 2 Review

Johnson and Johnson Vaccines Blood Clots

 One of the main worries of people who are wary of getting  the COVID vaccine is the risks that may come with it such as numerous side effects, the Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine reigniting those fears for some.         It was announced just a few days ago Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine has a slim chance of causing blood clots, which is a major health risk. Although … Continue reading Johnson and Johnson Vaccines Blood Clots

Daft Punk Retires After 28 Years

 Daft Punk, one of the most iconic music groups of all time especially for dance and electronic, after 28 years has split up and retired from music. Whether you know them from their iconic Silver and Gold masks which keep their identity hidden from the public or for their fantastic music, it can be agreed that it is a sad day for the music industry. … Continue reading Daft Punk Retires After 28 Years

NFL Super Wild Card Weekend

The first NFL Super Wild Card Weekend happened on Saturday and Sunday and to say the least it was quite the success with 12 teams in 6 action packed games with many great moments and stories.             The first game was the  Buffalo Bills versus the Indianapolis Colts and it was a close game that came down to the wire with the Philip Rivers led Colts … Continue reading NFL Super Wild Card Weekend

COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccine

As COVID-19’s second wave seems to be picking up, vaccines also seem to be becoming more of a possibility then ever before. This comes as many businesses are trying their hardest to get an effective vaccine to bring in the most income. This company turns out to be Pfizer,  as their vaccine is already being given out to people         The first vaccines were given out … Continue reading COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccine