Top 3 Wild Card Games

The NFL playoffs are finally upon us and 14 teams will have an opportunity to eclipse greatness and win football’s greatest prize, the Super Bowl. Wild Card weekend is the first weekend of playoff football and I will go through what should be the three best games of the weekend.

Jaguars vs. Chargers- The Jacksonville Jaguars will face off against the Los Angeles Chargers, in what may be the biggest sleeper game of the weekend. The Chargers have been riddled with injuries all year, but they make their first playoff with star quarterback Justin Herbert, who is proving to be one of the best talents at the quarterback position. Injuries and stopping the run have been the two main downfalls of this team and with star receiver Mike Williams likely not 100% for this game, other Chargers receivers will have to step up to fill his role. The Jaguars who were once 2-6 on the year and looked out of the race for the playoff, finally found their stride and clinched their spot in the final week of the year against their division rival Tennessee Titans. Sophomore quarterback Trevor Lawrence has looked the best of his whole career in the second half of the year and the defense for the Jaguars is beginning to become a force to be reckoned with. The Jaguars face the Chargers at 8:15 PM Saturday night on NBC. The betting odds for this game are near even with the Chargers being a slight -115 favorite to the Jaguars -105. 

Giants vs. Vikings- The New York Giants take on the Minnesota Vikings in what could provide the upset of the weekend, according to many. The Vikings have been one of the best teams in the league all year, record-wise, but one thing has stuck with them as a headline all year. Although they win lots of games, almost all of them were one possession. This leads many to believe that come playoff time, they won’t be so lucky. However the Vikings have an ultra-talented offense that has made up for their defensive woes throughout this year, and they will need that more than ever come Sunday. The Giants on the other hand are one of the surprise teams of the year as at the start, many didn’t think they would come close to the playoffs. However, with new head coach Brian Daboll they have exceeded expectations and have high hopes heading into this playoff. Quarterback Daniel Jones has also shown lots of improvement this year and shown how dynamic he is with his feet and passing. The Giants go against the Vikings at 4:30 Sunday on FOX. The betting odds for this game have the Vikings as a -160 favorite and the Giants at a +135 underdog. 
Buccaneers vs. Cowboys- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers clash with the Dallas Cowboys with a rematch of the season-opening game for both teams. The Buccaneers were able to take the season opener in a sloppy defensive game which saw Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott have a rough game to say the least, only producing three points of total offense. The Bucs since that game have been an inconsistent trainwreck in which we have seen maybe Tom Brady’s worst season ever. The one good takeaway has been the Bucs ability to come back where it seemed the game was over, as we would see Tom Brady tap into what we have seen his entire career in the most important points in the game. The Bucs are always dangerous and with their team beginning

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