When a laptop, phone, or other pieces of technology run low on battery, they are plugged in to recharge. People also need to recharge in order to feel brand new again. One of the best ways to be back to 100% is a restful night of sleep. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), adults need over seven hours of sleep a day, while teenagers(ages thirteen to seventeen) need eight to ten hours of sleep a day. During the teenage years, the brain and body undergo immense development, which is why extra hours of sleep are imperative for its growth. 

Key West High School (KWHS) senior, Ella Hall, shared the importance of sleep in her life. “It’s almost like I came back to life after an exhausting day.” Although scientists have not yet answered the question of why humans need sleep, there are numerous theories. The answer could be anything from reforming brain connections to energy conservation. What scientists do know is the difference sleep can make in people’s activity the next day. 

Hall explained, without a full night of rest, “My day feels horrible. When I don’t get enough sleep, I feel like my body can’t physically be able to move, and my mind doesn’t feel fully awake to think properly. It sucks.” She went on to praise the benefits of a good night’s rest. “Personally, sleeping benefits me because I can’t run without sleep. I have to have at least eight hours to fully function as Ella Hall. I become angry without it, and just grumpy in general.” 

Another KWHS senior, Devan Bittner, concurred with Hall. “I am in a much better mood after I get a nap in during my day unless something wakes me up before I want to, then it’s worse.” One of the many benefits of sleep is the boost in mood, while less sleep can do the opposite. 

Whether it acts as a mood booster or aids in brain development, sleep benefits everyone. Go get some sleep!

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