NFL Conference Championship Game Reviews

 Four teams had a chance to get sent into the Super Bowl last Sunday, with only two moving on after the games concluded. But how did the games go in order for us to get to these last two teams, and have a Super Bowl matchup setup for February 11th. 

           The first game at 3:00 was the San Francisco 49ers vs. the Philadelphia Eagles. Things started exactly how the Eagles wanted with a touchdown drive highlighted by a controversial one-handed catch by Devonta Smith, and the touchdown eventually being run in by Miles Sanders. The 49ers first drive would end in a nightmare scenario, with quarterback Brock Purdy getting hit on a pass attempt, fumbling the ball, and in the process badly injuring his elbow. Josh Johnson, the 4th string quarterback for the Niners would then enter the game. After multiple series of lackluster offense, the Niners would get on the board, thanks to an incredible run by Christian McCaffery, where he broke a tackle on tackle before walking into the endzone to tie the game up 7-7. That would end the Niners success; however, as the Eagles would score on their next drive, and the Niners quarterback Josh Johnson would fumble the snap leading the Eagles to recover it and score yet another touchdown to end the half, making it 21-7. The Niners would end up having Josh Johnson hurt as well, and with no healthy quarterbacks left, they brought Brock Purdy back into the game, who could do nothing due to his elbow. So the Eagles would be on cruise control the rest of the game and win 31-7.

The final game at 6:30 featured a rematch of last year’s AFC Championship with the Kansas City Chiefs facing the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals have had the Chiefs number for the past three matchups before this game, leading to lots of trash talk between both teams before and during the game. The Chiefs would start hot moving the ball and rendering the Bengals unable on offense for the majority of the first half. But due to the Chiefs inability to score many touchdowns, the score at halftime was 13-6. The second half started with a three-and-out from the Chiefs and a drive down the field by the Bengals ending in a 27-yard touchdown pass by Joe Burrow to Tee Higgins. The Chiefs would respond with a touchdown pass to Marquez Vlades-Scantling. The Bengals were forced to punt on their next drive and the Chiefs offense looked in sync and ready to pull away, but Patrick Mahomes on a pass would lose grip of the ball, fumbling it and the Bengals would get possession and run it in with Samaje Perine later in their drive for a touchdown. This would lead to a series of non-scoring drives to end the game, and after the Bengals on a failed attempt to get a game-winning drive going would have to punt to the Chiefs. Receiver Skyy Moore would get a great punt return and nearly get to mid-field. All the Chiefs needed to do was get a field goal with it being 20-20, and on 3rd and 4 with the game on the line Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes would run for a first down and get pushed very late while out of bounds leading to a 15-yard penalty on top of the first down. This would set up a 45-yard field goal for Harrison Butker of the Chiefs, and as he has done many times before he would knock the field goal right down the middle and send the Kansas City Chiefs to the Super Bowl to face the Philadelphia Eagles.

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