Jaguars vs. Chargers-The Best Playoff Game of Wild Card Weekend.

          This year’s wild card weekend was one of the best of all time, with almost every single game having a plethora of storylines and most importantly, close and competitive action. But one game took the cake over all the rest, and that was the second game of the weekend, the Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Los Angeles Chargers. 

          The game would kick off around 8:15 and start out with a four-yard run by Jaguars running back Travis Etienne. But immediately after that Trevor Lawrence would throw his first interception of the night which then would lead to a two-play drive by the Chargers ending in a 13-yard touchdown run by Austin Ekeler. The Jaguars would get the ball back and make much more progress before going for it on a 4th and 7 in Chargers territory, ending in another interception from Lawrence, this time the ball being picked off by cornerback Asante Samuel Jr. The Chargers would once again capitalize having a long drive ending in a field goal from Cameron Dicker making the score 10-0. After two drives ending in punts from both teams, the Jaguars would once again throw an interception to Asante Samuel Jr., this would lead to another quick Chargers drive and a second Austin Ekeler rushing touchdown. The Jaguars would continue their horrific offense in the first half with their next drive ending in a punt and the Chargers would have a long eleven-play drive ending with Justin Herbert throwing a nine-yard touchdown to tight end Gerald Everett. Lawrence would get the ball back and throw his fourth and final interception to Asante Samuel Jr. for a third time. The Chargers would get the ball back and punt, but the punt bounced off the helmet of returner Chase Claybrooks and the Chargers would recover and end up getting a field goal making it 27-0. The Jaguars after a few failed drives by both teams would end up finally getting a score, as Lawrence would throw his first touchdown of the night to tight end Evan Engram.

         At halftime, the score was 27-7 and the only good note of the Jaguars first half was the late score that at least put them in striking distance of the Chargers. The Chargers would get the ball to start the half and fail to do anything, giving the Jaguars the ball back. The Jags would put together a methodical fourteen-play drive, ending in a six-yard touchdown pass by Lawrence to receiver Marvin Jones Jr. The Chargers were able to make a response by getting a 50-yard field goal by Cameron Dicker, but the Jaguars had finally found their offense and Lawrence would throw a 39-yard dime to Zay Jones for a touchdown making it 30-20 only. The Chargers got the ball back and put a long drive down on the Jags which would end with a field goal attempt from Cameron Dicker. Dicker who had been near perfect on the year missed a relatively easy 40-yard field goal and gave the Jags even more life and momentum. This life would end with another Lawrence touchdown to Christian Kirk, and the Jags would get the 2-point conversion making them now only a defensive stop and field goal away from a miraculous 27-point comeback in what was now a 30-28 game. The Jags would get the stop they needed and it now rested within the Jags offense to put one more drive together to pull off the comeback. The Jags would drive downfield, burning clock in the process, and eventually set up for a 36-yard chip shot field goal for Riley Patterson. Patterson would end up just barely making the kick and sealing one of the greatest playoff comebacks in sports history in a 31-30 stunner. The Jaguars now will face off against the Kansas City Chiefs Saturday, at 4:30 PM on NBC.

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