Recap of the NFL Divisional Round

   The NFL Wild Card round left us excited for more football the next week, and although the games weren’t all as competitive as the Wild Card round. We saw some good games and some very intriguing storylines that will not only be talked about throughout this playoffs but into next season. So let’s take a quick look at each game from this past weekend.

       The Jacksonville Jaguars played the Kansas City Chiefs for the first game on Saturday. Both teams would trade scores and be tied up near the end of the first quarter. Then the biggest moment of the game would happen with Patrick Mahomes getting sacked and suffering a high ankle sprain. Mahomes was visibly limping after the play, and although he would complete the drive which gave the Chiefs a field goal, he would head to the locker room (leading to backup Chad Henne getting put in the game). Henne would do his part and eventually, Mahomes would come back in. Although the Chiefs offense was a little less potent with a less mobile Mahomes, they would maintain control of the game all the way through and win 27-20. The Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants faced off in what could only be described as a one-sided beatdown put on by the Eagles. It was clear the Giants were outmatched in all aspects of the game, leading the Eagles to cruise to a 38-7 victory, led by quarterback Jalen Hurts’s three touchdowns on the night.

       Arguably the most anticipated game of the weekend opening Sunday was the Buffalo Bills versus the Cincinnati Bengals. In a snow-ridden game the Bengals would come to Buffalo territory and make a statement early with it being 14-0 before the first quarter ended. The Bills would go down and score two drives later but after that, they could basically get nothing going for what seemed like the first time all year. The Bengals would establish the run and dominate the Bills defense in a shocking 27-10 victory, in a game where the Bills were near six-point favorites. The Bills have now gone four straight years of playoff heartbreak with quarterback Josh Allen, and turmoil is beginning to build in Buffalo. The last game of the weekend featured the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers. This was a defensive battle between both sides with both offenses finding little success, and when they did, they couldn’t find the endzone for the most part. This setup the 49ers to be up 19-12 with less than a minute left, but the Cowboys would have an opportunity to take it to overtime if they could drive downfield and score. But what we saw was a disaster of a drive with mistakes all around and the game ending with a strange formation by the offense and time running out after a catch by KaVontae Turpin. This has led many to believe that Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is not the answer for the team and maybe this offseason Dallas attempts to make a move in the quarterback market. 

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