Conch 5 Studios Annual Customs House Holiday Projector Show

On December 10th, Key West High School’s (KWHS) Conch 5 Studios, a program dedicated to digital arts, is hosting their annual Customs House Holiday Projector Show. The show consists of projector mapping art and animations created by the community. 

Due to COVID-19, the event last year was canceled, leaving some of the artists’ artwork still behind the curtain. However, the director of this year’s show, Robert Malcom; a senior at KWHS, committed to bringing some of these old artworks onto the center stage. “Since the graduates from KWHS never got to show their work to the public, their artwork being displayed was our priority,” disclosed Malcom. 

Even though they’re celebrating the old, the new work is going to be the showstopper. Technology changes every day, and with a year passed, the technological advancements will be shown through their digital art and animations. You will see a huge difference between the new and old artworks. 

Working alongside Conch 5 Studios, the Walt Disney Imagineering program brings down the magic required to make this show happen. Ranging from projectors to speakers, their high-tech equipment allows each artist to see their work come to life. It is truly a once and a lifetime opportunity for our small town digital creators, and the Walt Disney Imagineering program not only provides the necessities but encourages an “if you can dream, you can do it” attitude to our artistic community. 

Also collaborating with the Conch 5 Studios, the Key West Art and Historical Society has provided the Customs House Museum for the projection show since the beginning. Located on 281 Front St, the museum is near Mallory Square, a popular area for tourists to watch the sunset and look at the different attractions. Because of its prime spot, thousands of people stop by to watch the show. 

For over a decade, Edward Smith, the director of Conch 5 Studios, has seen great turnouts with this show. “Because of the COVID-19 gap year, more people have been anticipating seeing the show this year so we’re expecting an increase in viewers,” explained Smith. In addition to the publicity, Conch 5 Studios has always received generous donations from the attraction, helping Smith’s students explore new possibilities for digital art. 

Throughout the year, Conch 5 Studios has flourished in all aspects of the “digital world,” and has used their experience to help the school and community. 

If you would like to support Conch 5 Studios, make sure to stop by the Customs House Holiday Projection Show from 6:30-10:30 pm. The artwork will be in a loop during this period of time. For more information, contact @conch5studios on Instagram.

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