Another Beginning

As the sun continues to harshly beat down upon us, the summer months have started to pass and that time of year has finally rolled around: Back to school! The feelings of joy and dread, excitement and nerves that come with the new school year swirl through the air. 

Key West High School (KWHS) kicked off the school year on August 10, 2022. Students have already said goodbye to the long summer days at the beach and hello to schoolwork. 

River Hughes, a junior at KWHS, shared how she has adjusted tointo the school year. “I have to get up way earlier, but the transition has been pretty easy because I’m glad to be back.” Hughes elaborated, “I am definitely happy to be back, I like having a schedule every day and getting to see my friends again.” A sophomore at KWHS, Lindsey Smith, agreed with Hughes. “I’m glad to be back, because I can see my friends.”

A slightly different viewpoint was seen from the freshman class. Manuela “Manu” Vargas expressed how excited she was to be embarking on this adventure: high school. “ I am excited. I can finally see my friends and meet new people since I’m a freshman. I’m glad to get back to working and back into my school routine, having things to do and not being lazy all day.” Vargus added, “I can’t wait for all the clubs that I am going to be introduced to and be able to join. Along with all the games and socializing events, I’m also excited to participate in the schools events such as fundraisers and the upcoming fashion show.”

The senior class also has a slightly different point of view because this is their final year before they are released into the real world. A member of the senior, Diego Rodriguez expressed his feeling at the start of this pivotal year. “I’m glad, the only reason I’m glad to be back is to see some of my friends who I didn’t see much during the summer. I’m super excited about this school year is definitely all the exclusive senior events coming up.” The 2022-23 school year has many enjoyable events for the seniors, such as the Junior/Senior Field Day, the Junior/Senior Luau, the Senior Banquet, Grad Bash, Class Night, Investitures, the Homecoming Dance, and Prom! 

Although school is just starting, it will fly by fast. One blink and the Class of 2023 will be out the door, but for now, it’s just time to relax and enjoy another beginning. 

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