Five Oldest NFL Teams

  The NFL has lasted since 1920 when it was originally called the APFA (American Professional Football Association). So with that being said, here are the five oldest teams in the NFL (National Football League) to date. Detroit Lions-The fifth oldest team is the Detroit Lions which were established in 1929 and first entered the league in 1930. They were originally called the Spartans before changing … Continue reading Five Oldest NFL Teams

Russell Wilson Traded to the Denver Broncos

In one of the biggest trades in recent National Football League (NFL) history, former Pro-Bowler and Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson has been traded to the Denver Broncos.          This came only around an hour after star quarterback Aaron Rodgers announced he would be returning to the Green Bay Packers on a four-year $200 million contract with the team. However, before his announcement, Rodgers seemed to … Continue reading Russell Wilson Traded to the Denver Broncos

Rams vs. Buccaneers Divisional Round Game Review

 In one of the best playoff games in recent memory. The Los Angeles Rams vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers went all the way down to the wire in another instant classic including Bucs quarterback Tom Brady.               The game began with the Bucs getting the ball first which they weren’t able to produce much other than a solid couple of runs by Leonard Fournette. But the Bucs … Continue reading Rams vs. Buccaneers Divisional Round Game Review

Best Performers of NFL Super Bowl Wild Card Weekend

By: Gus Wilson In the first week of the NFL Playoffs, there were a total of 6 Wild Card games over 3 days. With each game came standout players from teams that either put their team in a position to win or helped them advance into the Divisional Round of the playoffs. Las Vegas Raiders vs Cincinnati Bengals: The Cincinnati Bengals won a close game … Continue reading Best Performers of NFL Super Bowl Wild Card Weekend

NFL Wild Card Weekend

With the final stretch of the National Football League (NFL) season finally in motion, it was an eventful and story-filled three days of games that kicked things off on the right note for the playoffs.            The first game of the weekend on Saturday was, the Cincinnati Bengals vs. Las Vegas Raiders was a great first game to start the weekend and it went right down … Continue reading NFL Wild Card Weekend