Hall does it all!

As endless possibilities of the future continue to draw nearer, and the unknown looms above the senior class’ heads, a swift look back to appreciate all they have done to reach this point in their lives is needed. The seniors of Key West High School (KWHS) have to take a moment and feel a sense of pride wash over them. 

Ella Hall, a senior this year at KWHS, has many accomplishments to feel proud of over the course of her last three years of high school. During her time here, she has greatly impacted the school. Serving as the Director of Conch 5 Studios, KWHS Band Captain,  Co-Editor in Chief of The Snapper, Z-Club President, Class of 2023 Executive Board Vice President, and Student Council Historian. Hall has also been involved in the sports at KWHS. Not only is she a member of the girls weightlifting team and the girls track and field team, but she has been deemed the “video girl” for numerous sports on campus such as football, lacrosse, and baseball teams.

 In addition, she created her own photography and video business. Hall even makes time to compete in state and even national photography and video competitions. Hall shared, “My biggest accomplishment is getting first in the state for Feature Photography. Although awards are cliche for an accomplishment, I have to say that it showed me how much I’ve grown as a photographer and as a person.” She continues, “However, I am most proud of the sports media content I create for the KWHS football team. It’s something that I love to do and see myself doing in the future.”

Hall explained the reason behind her passion and joy for sports photography. “My goal is to become a content creator for a National Football League team. I would’ve never thought that I would become involved in the world of sports, but here I am! I enjoy it and can definitely see myself in this industry for a long time.” Hall elaborated, “ I’m so fascinated by the sports world and I can’t wait to see what happens.”

Awarding photographer, Ella Hall, takes photos for the University of Connecticut football team. Photo provided.

Hall’s insatiable drive has forced her to form goals in life she would have never even thought were in the cards for her. Each new task she accomplishes takes her to a new level with new expectations that can leave her feeling stressed at the end of the day.

The workaholic expressed how it can take a toll on her. “All the time I feel busy. Sometimes it’s hard just to catch a break. I was literally running around this morning trying to do 50 things at once for different clubs, and college applications certainly don’t help with managing my time. However, being busy helps me stop thinking about nonsense and helps me think about stuff that really matters, like my future. All I do is try to set myself up for my next move in life, and hopefully, I do reach the goal I’m aiming for. “

Ella Hall is one of the seniors at KWHS who will go on to fulfill all the incredible plans she has for her future, there is no doubt at all. Her dedication to the school’s sports and clubs, as well as various community service organizations, shows just how far she will reach when she puts her mind to it.

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