NFL Draft Preview

After a long wait, the NFL Draft is only days away, a day that many young prospects dream of, and that day is finally coming to fruition for them. Today however we will look at some of the most hyped and intriguing prospects heading into the draft.

  1. Aidan Hutchinson, Defensive End, Michigan: Hutchinson had a breakout year at Michigan last season with 14 sacks on the year. This propelled him in the offseason to be the projected first pick in the draft after not being in the discussion at all before the season had started. Although as the draft gets closer rumors are circulating he may not be the first pick, Hutchinson is a sure-fire top-three pick and is looked at as one of if not the best talent in the draft.
  2. Kayvon Thibodeaux, Defensive End, Oregon-Thibodeaux was the consensus number one pick until the season ended with most thinking of him as a generational talent. But after being injured for the majority of the 2021 season, his draft stock has dropped slightly, even though most still see him as a top-three to five pick. 
  3. Malik Willis, Quarterback, Liberty-Willis is one of if not the most interesting prospect in the draft when it comes to possible talent. Willis has amazing athleticism and extremely good arm strength, with him showcasing that in his pro day. Willis has bounced around on draft boards due to his inconsistencies on the field throwing 12 picks in his final college season and showing lackluster accuracy at times. However, when Willis was on fire it was enough for NFL teams to be willing to take the risk on what could be one of the biggest boom or bust players in the draft.
  4. Kyle Hamilton, Safety, Notre Dame-Here we have another prospect who has dropped on draft boards since the offseason began. Originally a top project top five or seven pick Hamilton has dropped to be just barely in or just outside of the top ten in the latest projections. The reason for this is due to his mediocre 40-yard dash time, however, many general managers believe Hamilton plays much faster than his 40 time actually shows. It will be very interesting to see where Hamilton falls too as whoever gets him could be getting quite the steal in this draft.
  5. Ahmad Gardner, Cornerback, Cincinnati-Ahmad or better known by his nickname Sauce, has had one of the most successful college careers by any player. Allowing over his entire college career zero touchdowns on players he’s guarded, Gardner is the definition of lockdown. His only real flaw that teams see, is the lack of competition his team has faced, leaving many to believe when he gets to the league he will struggle. But if that isn’t the case, Gardner could be one of, if not the best player to come out of this draft.

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