The Comebacks of NFL Week 3

          In a wild week two full of exciting moments, some of the most exciting were from the multiple comebacks that transpired on Sunday.   

  •          Cardinals vs. Raiders-The first major comeback of week two was the Cardinals who came back to defeat the Raiders. The Raiders started out the game with a Davante Adams touchdown giving them a 7-0 lead and that being the only score of the first quarter. The Raiders on their next drive knocked down a chip shot 32-yard field goal, leading them to stop the Cardinals with ease again, to then drive downfield and get a Darren Waller touchdown to make it 17-0. The Cardinals got nothing going in the first half, and the Raiders would get a long 55-yard field goal to end the half up 20-0. The Cardinals would finally get on the board with a Greg Dorch touchdown for the first score of the second half. The Raiders would drive downfield on their next drive, knocking down yet another simple 25-yard field goal giving them the advantage of 23-7 heading into the fourth. The Cardinals came out firing however as quarterback Kyler Murray marched downfield with under 10 minutes in the fourth quarter and allowed  Darrel Williams to make a touchdown run. The Cardinals being down 23-13 needed two two-point conversions in order to hopefully tie up the game if they got the chance. What would happen on their first two-point conversion would be one of the craziest plays you’ll ever see, with Kyler Murray running backwards avoiding pressure and somehow getting into the endzone to make it 23-15. The Raiders were unable to get anything going and that gave the Cardinals one last drive to make something happen, with under five minutes left. The Cardinals’ drive would be wild and Kyler Murray would show why he’s one of the best in the league once again. Ending the drive off with another wild touchdown run as time expired, the Cardinals were a two-point conversion away from tying the game. Kyler Murray on the two-point conversion attempt made yet another incredible play, delivering a beautiful ball that just thread the needle to A.J. Green,  tying the game heading into overtime. The Cardinals would win the toss, but on a fourth and one on their first drive they would fail to convert, giving the Raiders the ball back and they only needed a field goal to win. But as they were driving downfield, an incredible play was made by linebacker Isaiah Simmons on Raiders receiver Hunter Renfrow fumbling, and the Cardinals picking it up all the way for a touchdown, winning the game in a stunning finish 29-23.
  • Jets vs. Browns-The second comeback I will discuss comes due to the Jets stunning the Browns with a wild comeback late in the 4th quarter. The game only had one score in the first quarter, that being a four-yard touchdown run by Nick Chubb to give the Browns a 7-0 lead. On the next drive however, rookie standout Garrett Wilson would score his first career touchdown to tie the game up for the Jets. Both teams would score one more time in the second quarter, with the Browns ending the game tied at half. The third quarter would go back to low scoring with the Browns only getting a field goal to be up 17-14. The Jets in the fourth would respond with a field goal of their own before the Browns would hold the Jets scoreless for nearly the rest of the fourth and Nick Chubb would get two more touchdowns to put the Browns up 30-14. Browns kicker Cade York would end up missing the extra point, which would end up being a key piece at the end of the game. The Jets with under two minutes in the game would get the ball back and score a touchdown in two plays, with a 66-yard bomb to Corey Davis to make it 30-24. The Jets would then onside kick with the Browns shockingly muffing the ball, and the Jets would pick it up, giving them an opportunity to go downfield and win the game. That they would do as they would drive down the field 53 yards and score with Garrett Wilson again to take the lead 31-30. The Browns, however, would have a shot to win the game with 22 seconds left. But a game-seeling interception thrown by Jacoby Brissett would allow the Jets to pull off an improbable comeback and come out with the win.

Dolphins vs. Ravens-The craziest comeback of the day arguably came from this game right here. The wild game would start with a crazy 103-yard kickoff return to start the game by receiver Devin Duvernay, giving the Ravens a 7-0 lead. No other score would come in the first quarter due to the Ravens getting stopped at the goalline after a long drive. This would lead to the Dolphins tying up the game with a touchdown from Jaylen Waddle. The Ravens would then proceed to score three more touchdowns unanswered in the second quarter, putting the Ravens up 28-7. The Dolphins were able to open the second half with a touchdown by Mike Gesicki to make it 28-14, but the Ravens later in the third got a massive 79-yard touchdown run from quarterback Lamar Jackson, who was having a stellar game. With the Dolphins down 35-14, they were basically written off, but what would happen would be one of the greatest momentum switches you’ve ever seen in sports. The Dolphins opened the fourth with a quick drive leading to a touchdown by River Cracraft, and after the Ravens got stopped again, the Dolphins would unload a 48-yard strike to Tyreek Hill to put the Dolphins within seven at 35-28. The Dolphins would get a quick stop and the Tyreek Hill show continued with another long touchdown of 60-yards to put the game at a 35-35 tie. The Ravens would finally get it going and were able to put kicker Justin Tucker in range to take the lead at 38-35 with about two minutes left. The Dolphins would then get the opportunity to win the game. Led by quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who to this point had five touchdown passes in the game, the Dolphins lost no momentum and drove downfield, and would score the game-winning touchdown with a catch by Jaylen Waddle. The Ravens would have no time to respond, and the Dolphins would walk out of the game with a wild 42-38 win, propelling them to 2-0 on the year.

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