The Amazing Axolotl

Axolotls, also known as the Mexican walking fish, have cylindrical bodies, relatively long tails, short legs, and feathery textured external gills. The axolotl has five toes on its back feet, four on its front feet, as well as moveable eyelids. The body of an Axolotl is super unique because it can be all sorts of different colors. Each axolotl has bright colors and super cool patterns, unlike any other animal. The axolotl species lives in freshwater lakes and ponds in Mexico, which is the only place axolotls live naturally. Axolotls live for ten to fifteen years and are usually only about six to eight inches long and weigh only around two to eight ounces. Axolotls are critically endangered and have a population of approximately 700-1200. 

An Axolotl happily floating

The axolotl is an extremely incredible animal for many more reasons than just their appearance. The axolotl is able to regenerate body organs and other lost limbs. This amazing creature can regrow any limb that has been detached up to five times. However, once a limb or organ has been regenerated five times, scar tissue will form, and then it will be unable to regrow. This animal can also regrow its lungs, heart, parts of its brain, and spinal cord. Scientists and researchers are incredibly amazed by these animals’ ability to regrow different organs, especially the brain. Although the axolotl is unable to regrow its entire brain, it can regenerate parts of a brain in order to make a whole brain when the part has been damaged. 

Axolotls have both lungs and gills. The feathery-looking branches that are found extended from both sides of their head are the animal’s gills. Even though the animal has gills, its lungs are still fully functioning and this animal will often rise to the surface to take a breath of air. 

The axolotl is also over 1,000 times more resistant to cancer than any other mammal. Scientists hope that one day we will be able to harness the axolotl’s ability to eliminate cancer cells and extend the human life span.

The axolotl may not be very well known, but it is an incredible animal that will continuously be researched and studied by scientists. This interesting animal is one to remember.  

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