A Busy Bittner

As it is the last year before the senior class of 2023 steps into an entirely different world, college, a moment to admire all the grit and determination it has taken to reach as far as they have is absolutely necessary. Key West High School’s (KWHS) class of 2023 has so many bright individuals who deserve recognition for their hard work. 

Devan Bittner is a prime example of a dedicated senior at KWHS. Bittner shared, “My biggest accomplishment is my academic achievement. I have taken a very rigorous course load and worked incredibly hard to maintain a high GPA and ranking in my class. Seeing that diligence payed off is what I am proud of.” Bittner continued, “When my mind is set on something I do everything in my power to achieve that goal.” Not only is she at the top of her class, but she is extremely involved in the extracurriculars and sports at KWHS. 

Bittner is the secretary of the Class of 2023 Executive Board, secretary of the Keys Tutoring Organization, Co-Captain of the Academic Challenge Team, historian for the National Honors Society, and a member of Team BLU, Z-Club, Creative Writing Club, and Student Council. She also is a midfielder starter for the girl’s varsity lacrosse team. Bittner explained, “I always try my best to be a positive and impactful person in every club, group, or team I am a part of.”

However, running around all the time, balancing schoolwork, a job, sports, clubs, college applications, as well as family and friends can be pretty tough to deal with. Bittner elaborated, “There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done. I seem to be exhausted all the time. No matter how early I go to bed, how late I sleep in, or how much coffee I drink, it never seems enough to keep me energized.”

Even though she constantly seems to be busy, her goals seem to push her to always try to do more in all aspects of her high school career. “My dream since I was a little girl has been to become a gator and attend the University of Florida (UF) after graduating. This is my motivation. I do more and more, better and better, all with the goal in mind of being accepted into this school.” Attending UF and majoring in a science or business-related field would be the moment Bittner believes she will finally have succeeded in life and her determination will have been worth it.

Chasing a dream doesn’t have to be impossible. Commitment and perseverance are simply the keys to accomplish any goal. 

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