Military Influence

Military in Plane. Photo Provided.

The military influences everything in America, they influence our safety for one.  Without the military protecting our freedom constantly, we wouldn’t have it.  So before this article continues any further, I would like for everyone reading to take a moment and appreciate the men and women who have sacrificed everything for our country.  

Let’s use our very own Key West High School (KWHS) as an example.  The Naval Science classes offered their influence the way kids learn about the navy.  Ms. Geho kindly shared her input,  “The Naval Science classes are thorough prep courses, and great for kids who want to pursue a career in the navy, or just as a way to learn about the navy and how they function.”   

Everyone in Key West is affected by the military, though.  Some families in Key West wouldn’t even be living here if it wasn’t for a spouse or parent in the military.  The military personnel living in Key West help the local economy by purchasing their groceries among many other products.  Many shops around the area also offer discounts to military members and their beneficiaries.  Military personnel also enjoy local entertainment from many places, such as fishing, restaurants, etc. 

The military has also influenced tourist life in Key West.  The forts in Key West have attracted plenty of history fanatics and plenty of tourists just looking for some fun around town.  Fort Zachary Taylor charges only six dollars per vehicle (with exceptions).  The Fort also includes walking trails and a beach area to enjoy during your visit.  Fort Jefferson, located on the Dry Tortugas, is located almost 70 miles off of Key West and is one of the most visited forts.  Although Fort Jefferson is located so far off of Key West, the military presence still benefits tourism. This is because the only way to the island is by boat or small plane.

The military is part of what makes Key West so diverse.  Many military officers that are stationed on base are from many different cultural backgrounds, and they specialize in many different job areas.  The Naval Air Station of Key West  (NAS Key West)  also brings foreign allies to Key West. 

NAS Key West was built in 1917.  Due to the good weather conditions year-round the NAS is used as a training facility for air-to-air combat, better known as dog fighting.   They use the P5 combat training/tactical combat training system (P5CTS/TCTS) to track and record aerial maneuvers.  The base works closely with all branches of the military, including the Department of Defence and the Department of Homeland Security to keep America safe.  The base also hosts a special forces team for underwater operations.

The military influences our lives in many ways.  They can make us more patriotic, and they help with the economy.  Most importantly, they help keep us safe.

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