Fall: Fun for everyone!

It’s that time of the year again. No, there are no leaves floating through the sky, painting the ground any gorgeous golden, outstanding orange, or calming crimson colors. Although the leaves haven’t changed into a mixed bag of colors and the weather hasn’t been able to cool down one bit, a wisp of autumn air is beginning to creep in the four by two mile island. 

As the fall season approaches, small things begin to hint toward it more and more often. School is back in session and the tourists start to slowly trickle out: slow season arrives.  Pumpkin-spiced drinks and pumpkin-spiced foods are now available from various companies across the island. Candy for Halloween is already on the shelves and college applications for seniors have started, whether they are ready or not.

The weather may stay the same, but the activities do change. When fall kicks into full swing, the fall-themed events seem to pop up everywhere, such as sports, dances, and even festivals. 

Fall sports are a highlight of the season for sports fans. High school football games are a fun event to attend. The smell of the concession stand food wafting through the air, the bright lights on the field shining down and the cheering crowd screaming at the top of their lungs. A great time to show Conch Pride and enjoy some good football!

A more traditional autumn activity is the MARC House’s annual pumpkin patch. People of all ages can have the chance to pick out their very own pumpkins, even in this boiling tropical climate. These pumpkins can be decorated, carved, scraped, or baked. It can be fun for the whole family, and the proceeds go to a good cause.  

 Fall wouldn’t be fall without Halloween! Adults from all across the globe travel to be a part of Key West’s Fantasy Fest, but this holiday isn’t just for the grownups. This year, on October 26th, Key West High School’s (KWHS) Student Council has decided to have their very first “Trunk or Treat”. For just $1, kids will be able to safely “trick or treat”  by going to each car and taking some candy, which is provided by the KWHS Student Council. There will be a competition held in the KWHS parking lot for the best decorated car and the best costume! The prize for each is $100!

The fall season is nearing and excitement is buzzing through the air. From games to season-specific activities to relaxing and enjoying time with family, fall can be fun for everyone!

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