Johnson Resigns, New British Prime Minister Ordained

After the resignation of former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier this year, several weeks later, a replacement Prime Minister was appointed by a cabinet. Liz Truss was named the new British Prime Minister after meeting with the Queen of England on Tuesday at the Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Boris Johnson also resigned at the location before the new Prime Minister arrived, being driven away in an armored motorcade at the end of his meeting and resignation with the queen. In Prime Minister Truss’s first public comments since her appointment as British Prime Minister, she vowed to tackle the increasing energy crisis among British citizens and to slow the economic stagnation that the United Kingdom (UK) has been facing since the “Brexit” movement officially ended its membership in the European Union (EU) in 2016. The move has become widely controversial and prevalent in British politics recently, as the British economy has experienced economic stagnation, and member countries of the UK such as Scotland have threatened to hold independence referendums to leave the UK and form an independent Scottish republic-mostly due to Brexit. 

Boris Johnson speaking at his resignation speech before Liz Truss was inaugurated as the new British Prime Minister (ABC Nightly News)

Other societal issues have been plaguing the British public, most notably racial violence and an increase in conflict in Northern Ireland and the city of Belfast. The region of Northern Ireland is an official member of the United Kingdom, and has been a site of constant violence and controversy for many years. Irish Catholics, who wish for Northern Ireland to join the Republic of Ireland, and residents of Northern Ireland who view themselves as Protestant British citizens, have been fighting over this issue for years in the leadup to the “Good Friday Agreement” in 1998 that caused a change in the government of Northern Ireland, and also ended most of the large violence caused by the period before known as “The Troubles”. However, in recent years, violence has resurged between Protestant and Catholic residents of the city of Belfast, with British officials having issues dealing with the violence between religious groups, this led to the resurgence only growing larger. Other societal issues such as a drug/addictive substances epidemic killing hundreds of British citizens. New Prime Minister Truss is expected to deal with these issues from her party’s point of view, the Conservative political party in the UK.  Not much has been documented on her policies yet, as she has only recently become the new British Prime Minister. More will be documented as time goes on and more press meetings are held between the British Government and the press. 

Boris Johnson leaving 10 Downing Street during his tenure as Prime Minister (Dan Kitwood/Getty News/Getty Images/CNBC News)

Boris Johnson resigned from his Prime Minister position after a wave of controversy surrounded him over numerous events such as holding illegal parties in his governmental headquarters of 10 Downing Street, a lack of political transparency, and run-ins with British law enforcement. Johnson has also become a very controversial figure for the Conservative party of Britain, with several of his own ministers having resigned from their positions in protest right before he chose to resign from the British government.

The official government portrait of Prime Minister Liz Truss (Parliament.UK/Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License)


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